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Brick bardo himself has over the years. Just like blown off all this guy's limbs eventually decapitated him and he's just like diminishing what medical science can do these days. Oh my this is wonderful wonderful. I just want to cook this shit up out of spoon and injected into my veins. It's so good and then they're like oh we're going to go to earth and now the next thirty minutes of the movie. It's going to be tim. Thomason being grumpy as a tiny baby size man while people gawk them and go look at the tiny baby. I would say the issue doll man. Like if discuss the film it's it's episodic and it's it's it's worth mentioning at the end this movie we get the the like trademark albert pune extended actors montage which is purely. They're stretched film out over a certain length. Like donman feels incredibly episode. Ended also still comes in mid-week seventy minutes total and so the first section on his home planet. it's great. Then he shows up is like a middle section where he's honor and it turns out a small at injure. Some gang members is like a new york sober brazil like new york inner place. It's being terrorized by this gang issues. Up dropped something saves of woman who's also like a social activists there. She saves her from gang members. Who were going to kill her..

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