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Oh five. It's Wednesday nineteen th of December. Good morning. I'm Bob Conway, partly cloudy, thirty four degrees. Current reading at O'Hare AccuWeather says sunshine to begin the day. Clouds moving in the afternoon will be breezy, but unseasonably mild for this time of year going up to forty eight this afternoon, the normal high is thirty four degrees. And we'll take a look at the five day forecast in a few minutes. Our top local story on NewsRadio WBZ BMI. Chicago federal court. Judge says she is inclined to free federal drug agent on bond as he awaits trial on charges of helping Puerto Rican drug and gun. Traffickers WBZ B M's. Jim Goodace explains magistrate judge. Susan Cox said editor attention hearing that the charges against Fernando Gomez are among the most serious she'd seen given his being a Drug Enforcement Administration agent. But that prosecutors hadn't shown his dangerous or a flight risk. Risk. She acknowledged though that a New York federal judge overseeing the traffic conspiracy case has the final say on Gomez's release. Prosecutors claimed Gomez worked for drug and gun traffickers, I as a suburban Chicago police detective then joined the DA investigators say Gomez was arrested last week at the DA's Chicago office. Jim News Radio on one zero five point nine FM. Chicago man is charged with possessing approximately seventy kilos of cocaine and dupage county. Prosecutors say thirty three year old Jose Martinez Gomez was arrested Monday near I fifty five and king a highway during an ongoing investigation into drug trafficking. He was sentenced to Burs being held. I should say at the jail on a bond of two and a half million dollars. A new report says the when it comes to improving pension funds..

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