Helena, Brian Alvarez discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard - Episode 45: Judgment Day 2002


Talk melt sir i thought the match was good i it was entertaining for what it is and what people expect out of a helena sell today and back then it served its purpose in it was it was good for for that type of match is far as going on top of the cage it's just something i i wasn't crazy about because it became and has become ever since how do we top what they did last time and in this particular instance the idea was will maybe we're not going to take a big bomb but what if we had the finish on top of the cage which was unique and different so that's what they did but then you have the the awkward process of everybody you do a finish on top of the cage now you got to get everybody down off the top of the cage and it's just awkward after your penance somebody now he's got to roll over its got to crawl the edge the cage and get down such as it was weird an awkward but the match itself they busted their ass busted each other's asses in i thought it was good match at one quick reaction uh i'm not using the observer this week amazing figure for weekly and brian alvarez said your change your fucked amounts her fuck figure for i don't know brian so i after that we get another scale differences we get another skit with occurred angle an edge backstage anything you want to kinda put a bow on about all things angle an age from this show will know they haven't the we still have shaved his head yet so we're going to get back to that after the tag match coming up but it was uh it was a lot of fun man it was just curt hiding for me it was.

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