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That's the weird as that happens every term every election as you now actually not all eighteen year olds or as politically motivated to be invited to when a pandemic happens during a pandemic no less like you know we don't really have people like flock into the gates to help spread vaccine awareness in this literally one time in human history of like the thing that's really to me about olivia rodrigo. Is you know kinda went viral today. And you know all the dulls on twitter. Let's call them. Had a lot to say about this. It was a lot of like go girl. Give us nothing. You're like calling her scab because she appeared at the white house etcetera etcetera. And i don't have any particular opinions about the political motivations of olivia rodrigo appearing at the white house. I'm way more interested. In the way that democratic president specifically and democratic white houses used celebrities to further political agendas. Now you and i are in agreement that furthering the political agenda of vaccination is a good thing like i got to trash vaccine efforts to stop getting back scene but yeah but more than that democratic president specifically use the clout of celebrities in lieu of like comprehensive public education for either reform or voting specifically. Interestingly i really wanted to focus on I think you and i are at like the last generation that really witnessed this when we were younger. Rock the vote. If you remember all my organization that started and i think there last notable thing was in twenty fourteen. Listen to this who's twenty fourteen celebrities. They had in a turn down for what parody called turnover. What i remember god. No donham jay johnson. Natasha ireland baldwin. Let the other one. The other they all appeared in a of little john's turned down for what called turn out for what and then other spokespeople for organizations like rock. The vote have been other like teenagers. And people like leo dicaprio. Miranda cosgrove rachel Adam brody the rest of the oc casts x. tina brittany murphy. Romeo shea t sin timberlake off james turnouts to most. Recently kendall jenner the precipice. Yes so like. I mean again. I'm bringing this up. Because i think we're really the last generation that remembers rock the vote but i thought it was really funny that like even now after what we have seen in the last. I think four years of the way that celebrities have impact on politics but also the way that people don't really want celebrities to have an impact on politics that in the joe biden administration might not be able to really read the room and after a out of a terrible rovira sponsors. They think their solution to getting young people who are on. The internet reading conspiracies black pilled by every news source they've ever consumed. Mostly do and the source. That's where you get ride instagram story. So it's just interesting to me that they think giving the via rodriguez. The mike is going to like convince teenagers who are literally inherently skeptical creatures. Oh the most critical generation. Yeah yeah well not in the best way just generally critical and very hyper aware but even back in the white house. Are you ready for this. Like real guest list of people who performed for barack obama that you've found this. This is so chaotic. Okay so not. All of these are specifically during the obama administration bunka this all transpired between two thousand and eight in two thousand sixteen so Justin bieber performed at the white house. Easter egg roll in two thousand ten played table tennis with michelle obama as part of her like initiative. Big dinner already. Brothers sang the national anthem for george bush. Eight and i know it said. Most of this was nevada asia. Well really want everyone to focus on. Job rose performing for george bush because all of the people mentioned they are the disney stars of the group. And they're the ones that have performed for the bush administration height of christianity discourse and purity ring discourse in the popular conscious metaphor allen sunday. Funny dimension will you. It's so funny you're kind of like birth. I was triggered of like someone was sharing on twitter recently but do member those old like save the planet like videos disney do with demi lovato and i rest and they'd have them all when they say yes. Yes yes yes.

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