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It's called hostgator. I'll tell you about those later. Aiming tabby. Here we will, thanks for having the honor to be here. You actually using your mic. I should have asked you before. But it sounds a little different. Can you tap your mic? You are. You are using your might maybe maybe a little closer. Yeah. Okay. It we got your little bit nervous about doing the center Twi. You make me to be quite honest, because you ask questions, sometimes that I know you wanna go deeper and I know you wanna get to the root of it, and I just I have all the answers you want, but bunny enough, you and I were at a lunch about a year or so ago. And we were all talking around the table. You asked my integrator like a project manager khloe question. And we still joke about how intense the question was, how she was like a deer in the headlights. Now I don't even remember the question, but she's like, oh, you're talking to Andrew good luck today. I wonder what that was what actually I was going to reach out to Chloe looked up on Lincoln had a sense of how to contact her. And then I said, you know what? That's a step too far for this. I know where I wanna go with it. But I do that a lot because I wanna really like MAC. I don't know. I'm just naturally curious thing here, a great interviewer. So I'd love it. And I'm nervous about it. But let's just do it. Your website says that you are seven figures, can you be open about what the revenue is right now Amy, yes? So so far this year, we're at about five million in revenue for this year. Yes. Selling what what's the courses? Digital course academy is a course where his so meta it I teach how to create a digital course and had a launch that digital course with webinars using live launching strategies. And so it's everything nuts and bolts step-by-step how to do it. So that's my big signage course. At the nine also have an evergreen course, meaning it's an automated webinar that runs every single day. And that's list builders lab in. That's where I teach how to build your Email list. And I start with that one that one's three ninety seven so it's cheaper. Program than my bigger one, which is two thousand dollars. And it's a great place to start the conversation. Anybody who wants to grow business online, typically needs to have an Email list, and I can't do a good job of teaching the big strategies. If you don't start with that list on nation. So that's why I have that program to start and how do people find out about you? What's like the, the first step that a stranger would go through to know about Amy Porterfield? It's either you see an ad on Facebook, Instagram about my list building. Course or new CNN had about my podcast or someone recommended my podcast. So usually my evergreen webinar or my podcast is high..

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