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Your toes out of your son's Perez Hilton Posts Post Post it and armies in armies caption on the script store he wrote this happened for a solid seven minutes. Okay the only fifteen fetishists chester sub the video the video it's only fifteen seconds long because the instagram story but armie hammer said it happened for seven minutes so press Hilton publishes at and it says Armie Hammer Sun shone sucking famous father's toes for quote a solid seven minutes and because of that Elizabeth Chambers added Perez Hilton Brandin said at President Elizabeth Chambers Bakery store owned her. She's like excuse me alleged member wishing made member when she made Cookies About Hotel Mumbai never when we God cook what did we put a terrorist attack on a cookie memorable cookies at our show because <hes> we can scrub them to us and they were honestly kind of good. No good offensive defensively redecorated. I will say it's so like Candy the candy thing at at present it wasn't even seven minutes more like five seconds. Our Son likes to play with people's feet and I put the video on our family stream because this is an ongoing joke sharing the video and it's was not the best move move on as part but I can assure you that children's safety and wellbeing sorry is in this is nothing to do with ours has nothing to do with child safety Elizabeth this has to do with like it's weird as fuck that your kid was sucking armies toast no but I think that people I think like Press Hilton Spun it that way. y'All think people were saying because anything in any anything any celebrity does with their children people fucking go after them. It is disgusting like we really have a problem with with that. It's not even just like mommy shaming. It's now like everything like it's just everything no one can you cannot post about your kids. If you're famous people will come after you really don't mean to kid shame if he's sucking on his daddy's toes and that's fine. I don't care that's just funny me wrote foot fetish future for yes. It's Farnese armies. The one who took there's into the other direct any boy from like age three to six is like deranged. They'll eat poopie off the ground like sucking on your dad's toes like the fucking nothing nothing compared to that you know they're crazy <hes> so I feel like this is funny for the family but I'm sure Elizabeth Chambers was like army. I cannot believe you posted that like I'm GonNa kill you. You know I know just look. I know just another armie Hammer. Bad social media needs to get it together. What's next? Let's talk about Camilla Maroney clubbing back at the trolls for sending their relationship. Let's do it Leo's Leo's US probably longest relationship in no in years Barra fe Elliot's probably as long as relations since bar Dr since bar since Bar Using Camilla Maroney for a long long long time what's long long long for him. It's a year two years so a year for a year. Dating for Leo is is literally like a lifetime is like a happy marriage yeah so it's Windsor last time we've been able to talk about one of Leo's girlfriend without this many episodes right true like it's like Oh. Here's a new one. Here's a new one. Here's a new one and now it's like Oh. We're still talking about Kamala Maroney. That never happens real but I so so I love Camilla. Maroney seems funny. Let's say that seems good. She's took instagram stories and she so she posted a photo of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart with the caption in a love like this. They had a twenty two year age gap in their marriage. I don't know a ton about them but it's it feels like if we google some stuff it would be like a problematic relief. Do you know anybody. Let's just let's just let it go on Google yet as I google. I don't know anything but I wouldn't doubt doubt anything. Let's people started giving her shit. For this Humphrey Bogart Lauren Bacall Romance began with a scandalous scandalous affair their May December romance as one for the history books. Oh Good Lauren Bacall nineteen was already like this Lauren..

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