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Eighty ninety four does have snow delays westbound. You're slow is sixty five to Kelly you met eastbound that accident at Indianapolis has been cleaned up. But you're still seeing delays from Kelley met to is sixty five again would snow covered roads also on I ninety four sixty five the Indiana toll road and the Chicago skyway. Get traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven hundred and one zero five point nine FM WBZ AccuWeather four today. We'll see a mix of clouds and sun brisket, frigid high fourteen real field, staying below zero some places dealing with snow lake effect snow into lake and porter counties in Indiana. Also, far southeastern Cook County what two three inches possible with up to eight inches in a few spots, cloudy and cold tonight. Low five some of that lake so could shift back into Illinois by tomorrow morning, then tomorrow, cloudy, high sixteen snow ice rain returns later Tuesday with a new storm high thirty six ten right now at O'Hare twelve at midway thirteen at the lake headed up to fourteen. I'm AccuWeather is Bill Deger. Awed, Chicago's weather station. News Radio seven hundred eighty one zero five point nine FM at the editor's desk. Adam Kirke and now Teri Bauer our news writer Marc Friedman, our assistant producer Jessica Garcia at the web desk. Joe ward, our traffic producer, Mike Allison are managing editor. Julie man coming up history filmed in Chicago. WBZ news time ten forty one. We'd your weather is here when she'll it affects sleet, and snow and WB BMC is ready with traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes plus the day AccuWeather forecast at fourteen fast each L, high wind blowing snow online, you'll find clues delays. Great and links for flight information WBZ, NewsRadio dot com blockage incident. Winter winter weather, advise, you can't change the weather, but you can do something about day with Chicago's weather station. News Radio seven eighty one zero five point nine FM W B B M W B B M news time, ten forty one. The Chicago film archives is windy city to its core archive was founded in two thousand three based on a collection that previously was housed by the Chicago public library archivist. Brian be lax is the library. Didn't want film in a digital way. We have now obtained around one hundred and forty more collections sense that the last fifteen years, I'm Bob. Bob Roberts, and the Chicago film archives collection is the work of hundreds of photographers both amateur and professional all made in Chicago curator of collections. Michelle Pitts says there are general release films educational films made locally in the fifties. And sixties and believe it or not a lot of home movie. We like the fact that they're usually from a singular perspective they represent histories that oftentimes aren't told pits and be lax say the film's chronicle high points in Chicago history and low point which is a series of documentaries on civil rights issues in the late nineteen sixties many of them focused around the nineteen sixty eight democratic convention one film from that urban crisis and the new militants collections. Cicero March edited mostly from public library footage is preserved at the library of congress. We still have the originals here we did that preservation the archive has more than fifteen hundred clips streaming online participates in school projects than breach. No screen. Why is footage.

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