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And light volume and to sound now the latest forecast from a train heating and cooling weather Center on news radio 700 wlw. We'll have a sunny day with a high of 53 Tonight Not quite his cold, low 42 with a few clouds and then tomorrow cloudy skies high of 55 43 degrees right now Radar's clear here in Cincinnati. Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neal was emotional issue gave an update about the deputy involved in the crash just over two weeks ago. I'm sad to report The deputy Your call. Adam McMillan. To come to his injuries. Corporal Adam MacMillan had been in a coma ever since October 8th when he collided with a metro bus on Beechman Avenue while on duty. Sheriff Neil says McMillan is a hero who will live on as an organ donor. No details yet on any sort of services for MacMillan. They said they need time to grieve. A report that a group of people in quotes, plan to arrest governor to wine and his Cedarville home is now being investigated by oh HP and pickle police. It was reported there in pick what the person indicated that the allegation The person indicated in the allegation told W. R I O T V and Dayton that they would address this investigation outside the Statehouse on Monday afternoon. Governor DeWine responded yesterday. I'm not gonna comment on the facts here. I've heard the allegation. But look, we have people in every state. Who believe that they can take the law in their own hands with people who believe that government see legitimate. It's incumbent upon all of us to denounce that will follow this and have more on Monday. Radio 700 wlw. Sports Ohio State than Nebraska is at noon today from Columbus. Louisville is that noon with Florida.

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