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Basically called buckle you put interesting you would point to that somebody else did not you ask adamant and my other brother the floor. Where's yours mantra Steve Robinson? How much sound had cut up? Please if you'd like I'm GonNa get bureau Did Not have it prepared. How do you prepare to nigger job? Yes interesting quite enough more than more than enough. He makes more make six figures more than any of the producer in Boston. You Took Ah Defense D for a second year so this is this is this is not. He wears a hat. This is not from a lack of work at talking to Ryan about this. This is not from a lack of work ethic. The Guy Works his ass off. He totally does completely. They no doubt he. He's making calls all day. He's visiting places perspective. This is not. This is not a work ethic issue and and I said to Ryan the example. I just gave him. I understand this. Is We talked about mom and Nanna and mom used to get mad at Nanno once in a while just for Nana's stuff you know didn't because I would say there were mom she's not GonNa Change. This is who she is. She's eighty four years old. Whatever right this is what I mean Steve? He's not. This is not what I think. It's just an instinct issue. I think he has no instinct for this. He's used to working with other shit. Shows has never done stuff like this just sitting there fat asses and take calls from people kiss their ass all day like this is an actual show. We have to have some instinct but when you play on something but doesn't know prioritizing this way Adam he took one cut away from the periscope thing me talking to the cops that's it that's it. What am I D- asper? Nothing your idea. You might be a good idea. I'll talk to you all go go go.

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