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All right all right. Feel good about that. One guy to get the bulls broadcast nice nice. Jd great job. Doing stacey king as well giving us giving us some stacey king but not not overdoing it. I couldn't bring myself to go all the way with it was you and that's all you can expect from. Say what you've got. A lot of these. Were split we needed. We needed a deciding vote. That's all i can expect us to say. What creator here and It was great going through seven. I mean. I don't think there was any that were clear. Cut that you guys pick so we done that. We all agreed on and that was wrong. Yeah that's a. That's a whole other bag of marbles right that factor. The guest factor. Yeah usually going back and say what's usually somebody just come in for one so make sense that you guys are like for one scream one single scream lee called at least so there's probably going to be another one. You did call that good stuff overall not our finest work maybe but pretty average with how we do say that guy some gone a lot wrong but man did. We have fun. But there's more if you're looking for more say what we're dropping a bonus clip into the apple podcast feed but it is subscription only next to jd for the heavy production. Left on this show was quite the left. Then i dropped out in the middle of it. Jd convicted right up. We'll close here on the greatest moment and say what history if you're listening to this as a podcast not on youtube. You're going to hear some silence. As i try to get a fist bump from lee but i get the client. It's ten seconds of hank time. You're the greatest moment. Say what history. Let's let's watch and let's listen to nothing. Hey our thanks to.

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