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Real estate developer C. as in all right A. dot net New Jersey won a one point five news time eight oh seven now New Jersey one one point finding still weather weather does look like it is generally going to be on the warm side as we go through this week I think it'll be a little thundery perhaps by mid week clouds increasing tonight lows in the low to mid fifties a few showers are possible Tuesday highs in the low to mid seventies a chance of a pop up store Wednesday a high in the low to mid eighties Thursday mostly cloudy skies maybe a pop up shower I was getting into the mid eighties across our area I'm meteorologist mark Thibodeaux beach haven sixty eight Lambertville sixty eight summit seventy download our mobile app for breaking traffic weather and news alerts sent to your smartphone it's free from New Jersey one one point five New Jersey won a one point five our own radio station New York Elvia proud to be here is the the trouble is Hey I'm gonna talk to me on one eight hundred two eight three one oh one four eight five the trouble is you and me eleven o'clock tonight talking jerseys for the hell of a weekend it's been in New Jersey as if the coronavirus wasn't enough now we deal with protests we deal with rising the next week we're going to get locusts and one of the towns of struck last night was Atlantic city mayor Marty small senior joins us I thought you gonna blow me off because I'm a giants fan as the mayor I just want to say that a little nervous well well well good evening.

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