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Eric Garcetti, Lapd, Los Angeles discussed on KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens


CBS's Maria via riyal has more police evacuated nearby residents earlier in the evening also a swat team responded to the scene they sent a robot inside the house to check for any suspects. But we do understand that team recently cleared the scene to other officers who were shot will be hospitalized for at least another twenty four hours a fifth injured his knee CBS news update. I'm Pam Coulter. It's six thirty to Redondo beach. Police have arrested a suspect in the fatal hit and run that left a college student dead this past weekend. 21-year-old Gonzalez of bell has been charged with felony hit and run resulting in death. The victim was a college student twenty one year old Angelina Pinedo Pinedo was crossing the street on aviation boulevard at grant avenue on Saturday night with her sister when she was struck Redondo beach police, captain Joseph Hoffman tells KNX the vehicle involved was found to be. In operable, the vehicle that was used in that collision was located a short distance away from where the accident happened parked in the residential area that along with the assistance from the public help them locate the driver Hoffmann says it's too early to say for now if alcohol or drugs played a role more boots on the ground part of the reason why LA mayor Eric Garcetti says crime is down in every major category in Los Angeles over the last two years. The mayor says the department has added more than one million patrol hours had four hundred officers in this past year who are now doing patrol work that previously were not. And we've just added another two hundred this year. He noted that homicides were down eight point two percent. In two thousand eighteen representing the second lowest number of the city has ever tracked. L A police chief Michael Moore says there were also eleven fewer shootings involving officers that is the story of this department taking seriously the direction and guidance of our border police commissioners, the expectations of our mayor that we approach our work with an emphasis on de escalation he also pointed to their deployment of. Less lethal, tools and a commitment to the preservation of life in all of their encounters in downtown LA. Margaret, caro- KNX ten seventy NewsRadio top city. Police officials say they will have the LAPD inspector general analyze accounts of higher number of traffic stops involving African American drivers during crime suppression patrols by the department's metropolitan division allegations. Made in recent news story held metropolitan division officers. Traffic stops have increased fifteen times of what they were three years ago. And African American drivers accounted for half that total which is foreign excessive their percentage of the population all expressing confidence in metro officers. Mayor Eric Garcetti says he's waiting for an in-depth analysis of these stops by the inspector general's office. We'll compare written police reports and videos captured by the cameras worn officers and the ones that are in their cars, and like all of you. I look forward to seeing that information. So we can get a story again. And not just the statistics LAPD chief, Michael Moore told reporters stops and enforcement or not tied to ethic. Percentages car strategies today reflect.

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