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Five like a vintage game yet just head zero. I was always seven from the field. And i got bench the entire second half so needless to say that. I'm probably better at writing about sports than actually trying to recreate and got your teammates sick and you lost the next three games. Just a failed failed ever. it was Was basketball the only sport you played. Did you grow playing a bunch of stuff Organized basketball was my mom for you. Know we we play football at the park. We played baseball. All of that type of stuff growing up. It was just a you know a normal childhood. I guess essence what your parents do for work so mom. My parents got divorced win. I was too so. I moved to virginia from north carolina with my mom when i was about. Yeah about two years old and we moved in with my grandmother. And so my mom. My grandmother was a retired schoolteacher. My mom she was a speech pathologist. She worked in education as well and So a lot of a lot especially out of women in my family they were they were in. Education is still are in education. So i grew up knowing i did not want to be a teacher. I did not want to do that. But i i have a ton of aspirations grownup want to be on a heart surgeon for a little bit because i just knew they made a lot of money. Yeah but then. I was like i can't do the whole blood thing. I wanted to be an astronaut. When i was younger like i i have this. Remember the the black and white Notebooks that we would carry school. Need yet meet yup. So that was my Had a notebook full of drawings. Like i was going to build the world's biggest spacious and just like travel. The universe have like moscow over here. Yeah well all nasa thing. I was gonna have a basketball court on. I was going to have a mall in them how that works in zero gravity but don't get no hoops..

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