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We bought ciprofloxacin and among Cicilline both vitally important antibiotics used to treat infections all over the world and then without even discussing symptoms. We asked for a bottle of Khalistan the same powerful antibiotic that saved David Ritchie and the babies in the intensive care unit. Mrs clinton. The loss line antibiotic nuclear. Humans aren't the only ones the dosed with Callisto Roman on Luxembourger. Ryan took us to this poultry farm outside Delhi. What's up with a mixed feed with food different types of antibiotics, including Khalistan antibiotics make animals grow foster and stave off infection. It's a practice pioneered in the United States where over a dozen different antibiotics are approved for use in farm animals. So what is the problem with giving these chickens antibiotics? We look around us the chicks heating constantly antibiotics in that feed, which means they have back to being exposed to be antibiotics on a constant basis and constantly selecting for resistance. What does that mean selecting resistance? It means that the bacteria in those chicken of being exposed to antibiotics which kill all the bacteria that sensitive to the antibiotics leaving behind only resistant bacteria, which don't respond to antibodies. So it means these chickens obeying accidentally read to create super bunks because they're being antibiotics every single day of LA's and once a superbug evolves in animals, it can spread to humans through soil mortar and the handling all eating of neat. That's exactly what happened in China when peaks that were fed Khalistan developed to genetic mutation cold MCI one it makes bacteria resistant to Khalistan. The findings were first published in two thousand fifteen just three years later. MCI one was found in more than forty countries in two thousand seventeen sixty nine year old Jeff Regan became one of the first Americans to be found with MCI one. He arrived at Massachusetts General Hospital delirious and with a fever of one hundred six so they discovered that you'd been infected with bacteria carrying the gene MCI Juan. Became like, a famous person at the hospital facts change within a day or two of that a lot of different doctor for coming into. Visit me asking me a lot of questions. What are they asking? You were asking me where I've been in the last six months what my travel this, you know, everything about my life microbiologist and infectious disease. Doctors Saratov was worried the infection could spread so she put a Regan in isolation. Had you ever seen MCI one before we had not this was the first one that our lab at isolated MCI one was first spotted in pigs in China. How does it end up in Jeff?.

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