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On the arm. I'll be willing to move me now. We return. i don't know about that. I mean had no way. Touchable is untouchable and a story. But what does he done filthy. But that is away understand all that. But gavin is filthy too. But you guys. He's got a little dirt on him. He's not filthy gavin. Yeah so. I'll tell you this though. If you're getting max scherzer then. Tony gosselin goes on. You're getting max scherzer. Tony gone then goes onto the table. Because he's the guy that's taken over that fifth starter spot right now and if you bring insurer then you can. You're okay with moving out. And he is pitching very very well recently. If you do like a young guys with gavin locks and tony gonzalez. You're looking at two good young players that are going to pitch for you every pitch for every five days every day could probably use catch. I mean oh okay all right well anna prospect prospect. We've been making a move. Because i'm not moving for someone who's not like a made man you made man. He started in the all star game. But i'm saying if we're not gonna trade away looks and gosnell who get max scherzer. Then what are we doing but you have other pitching prospects you can trade away right like desire gray if you're if it's something like star you're getting back right. What's the kid very. Be very very very tight window star with max scherzer these like what thirty seven but again he started in the all star game. I understand he's that good. He's not gonna listen. I'm from detroit. I know how good is may. I'm still crying crocodile tears. We couldn't figure out a way to make it work with him ten years ago. I get that he's really good. But i also understand. He's really owed for sports. Also give if we give new way our children and we're getting back a guy who's going to be good for another two seasons. I don't think that's equitable. You don't if you get a ring out of it. See that's why. I don't move just gray like you were talking about. Gray is going to be the next the next walker bueller the next. Julio we're not gonna move. He's not the best pitching prospect. They have the is no what. What is it bobby. Miller the best pitching prospect path. I mean he's okay but it's it's peppy. It's the gray. Is the guy that the most people are excited. Yes i agree. You do not want to move that guy. I think you got a regular name and it don't sound like you know what his fault next time. It can la body or something like that this guy this time with exactly that. Who's trading for me right now. Anyway you know exactly like what do you mean who's trading for. Who wouldn't want only coming off. Tommy john is not like people. Don't come back better. I against starfish and coffee. I love you. But he's not broken because he got tommy john. But i'm saying that even right now but my look my point. Is that this discussion around. The dodgers in the trade deadline has to come with some costs and dodgers fan. Just caution yourselves as to. It's not just about who you want. It's about who has to go. You know what i mean. And that's that's the hardest part of the decision often times when it comes to these trade deadline coming up karakouz mma. Yeah we're speaking of basketball. Let's get into the nba finals. Little bit and how all of a sudden legacies are. They've always been on the line but they are looking a little different after four games right. Now let's get some of that on the other side. Happy birthday laura. Is this the song you get down to tonight. I could be one though. I don't know so little oldie but a goody just like the term old are you going to. Are you going to go tonight. I think earlier in the show. As we're not gonna go to acapulco janice is taking me to a lot which is also in down so you never know you right there. I was trying to write in downey. That's where i thought. The taxicab didn't happen cheaper. But that was all happening. The same discussion but by the way quick uber ride will get you out kapoor from there. No no no. No no no at best for east coast. She goes lift on the a live quickly. Remind new orleans. Well shots downey yet to make. What are we doing a remote and down every single time. We talk about this. Greg make you happy. I'm sure we got one coming up soon. We're there a lot. You're there no. Yeah this station is there allows your life to down. You'd be honest in my life. Yes and you've lived your argument since i it's fine. Only time has only been a few times and the station has been there. would you include with the stakes. Just she must definitely in play right. It's been with the station. I mean never been yeah. I live far from there. I drive from hawaii. But i lived there. I didn't go there just like hang out. Go down at least once a month man. i don't leave. My little bubble. I live in value is right there. I gotta drive forty minutes to get it down. But i go like once a month but that's nba term. No no they don't like it. They don't like the bubble they're afraid of it. They need to now re dropping like flies in vegas man. I got the club's you can't make it out of vegas. I'd see what happens if they can't get a team. No i mean that's entirely within play completely within play. You know thoroughly totally just because they say they were vaccinated. Doesn't mean that they were out there. Where masking going to strip clubs so was make a mysterious man. It's wild this jury is gonna wind goat. Anyway yeah i mean we we get into a whole discussion about and actually george. You know what. I want to know your thoughts on this because this is something i was discussing the other day when they had lost two straight games the usa. Men's team which is this like we all know that in the thirty years since the dream team has happened that the world has gotten better and we sort of talked about this on around the horn. The we did yes. Yeah but he's aaron spain. And i got very feisty very feisty about it and that was specifically about popovich. But my question to you george this what do we think. The actual goals of usa men's basketball should be..

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