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Politics today. Just come on, man. 7 38 traffic and weather on the AIDS and married a pompous in the W T O B traffic center. All right, John. Sure we're going to take a look in Virginia as well on 66. We've been running at pace between Rosslyn in front Royal. Most of the morning still seems to be the case. Any roadwork cleared. But if you are traveling westbound 66 in the vicinity of the Prince William Parker, I watch out along the right side. They were looking for a disabled vehicle and response was heading to the scene to watch for any flashing lights. But again, 62 Six remains at speed. We're going to take a look at 95 in Virginia while we're here from Fredericksburg, Springfield, 3 95 and 14th Street Bridge. I got nothing easy pass express lanes do point north, Um, in Vienna, an event on a Sunday morning we'll have you'll row between 1 23 and John Marshall Drive the Church of the Holy Comforter. They have the Nova central farm market delivering for those shopping for local produce, and they deliver two vehicles that stop on the road. So watch for any traffic control. That could take you by surprise. No delays, no delays on an early son. Hey, morning, all the way around the Beltway. And we're monitoring our final incident and is in Prince George's County Interlude. Passing 4 14 ST Barnabas Products at four. A tow truck on the right, loading the vehicles that were in the crash. So watch for the flashing lights. Be sure to scoot over for safety reasons. Now, listener checked in to verify the Suitland Parkway is still closed. Thank you, Jeff. He was traveling outbound. Everybody was diverting at Silver Hill Road, so the closure point To be one between Silver Hill Road and certainly wrote in both directions and calling Park police. They tell us they are in the process of clearing this crash, but unfortunately the roadway remains closed. Also. Crash investigation closes inbound New York Avenue Northwest, all traffic diverted at New Jersey Avenue around fourth Street, so the foot of the third Street Tunnel closed on the inbound side out down his open. We have a big race, an event happening on the mall and street closures from the Rock Creek Parkway through Potomac Park, including Independence and Memorial Bridge of Full List can be found for the cherry Blossom 10 miler at wtsp dot com. Keep your summer plans moving on the 4 95 95 3 95 Express Lanes HIV three Ride free with an easy pass. Flex plan your trip today A message from the express Lanes married upon the wtp traffic, Clay Anderson, not what you would necessarily call football weather here today. You know that? That is absolutely true. I took a look at temperatures Ocean City if you put your foot in the ocean this morning.

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