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It's all very alabama it's all it's all easy gains to rights right if they're gonna give us gas no flat we're gonna take if you could make one guy mess. I down new downs. We don't need to. It'd be a hero when you to facilitate an offense that makes sense to him and that's the they've talked a lot. Eric students george ghazi costs about how this playbook is going to be deep. And it's going to be complex and that's good plays and we have smart quarterback. We're comfortable in that. But you do have to have your go. Get a buckets and this offense of look you know. They're not trying to show. Everything was very much to go get a bucket very much. The easy stop in and to is going to be able to do that all the way down the field. Especially if guys like waddell and gaskin or able to stay healthy because those guys playmakers the ballmer hands totally grows gonna mention the quick game to both gaskin and wanna I thought was interesting. The motion also impressed me. Ben yeah i was talking to. I did piece on the regular dot com on monday about kind of the last decade of football. And what it's meant in the two thousand eleven scoring boom and harvard chain. I was talking to adam. Zimmer who's the defensive coordinator the vikings and we were just talking about really you. Can't you cannot overemphasize how much motion has changed everything. And how the downhill runs and now become lateral runs and the defense is is never been more confusing and i use this as a way now. Obviously this is not anything that people have known for a couple of years now but if you're not using motion as much as possible. You're leaving Production on the table. And so i was. I was definitely impressed with that Ben if going back to the draft now and seeing this is. This is such a monday morning. Sort of question Waddle is the guy for two right. Yeah i think would win. They were moving around right and they went from free to twelve to six and there was that a media conversation of okay. Who do they feel like is is attention going to be there at six. But there's no chance as well and they had to make this move right out ahead to immediately get back up into the top seven eight. You're looking at two pleasure. Kyle pets and me jalen waddell because a player jomar chase Is going to be that outside. Vertical contested cats jump ball guy having parker and has never really going to be to his game. That's ryan fitzpatrick games. Not really to his game. and then devante smith makes sense right in terms of that that route running and that separation ability. But you're really looking for jack creation after the cat. Something we're devante is good especially for his frame but were waddell has clearly been better across. The course of his career hits also would have made sense. They played too tight. Enzo lot a durham. Smyth is going to be the employer. Offense which is like you know charlotte. Durham smyth But they play multiple times a lot. They wanna be a aggressive downhill running team. That's clearly important to brian florez. I don't think they're going to be that this year but it's really important to him and they wanna have those multiple tight end sets and so you see how pits would've made sense with a times. They moved their tight ends across formation and the times that they get them releasing into concert we might kosinski be decently featured in the offense and one of the preseason that would have been pets so i think pits waddell. Were those two guys that make sense offense that makes sense for two and i do think that as it looks now which obviously they did. Draft waddell basil. Now waddell is important. Waddell is like you said the guy they they used akeem grant as the water. Replacement once Water coming off the field and like it's kinda good is fun player. He's very natural the ball hands. But we've already seen takim grant in miami already know kind of with the ceiling on that as waddell gives you a lot. It's it's the simplicity of saying. If i throw the bubble this guy. I'm getting dissect them for and that's just such a win for my offense and keeps things so easy and it prevents from hero. Plays not only because he doesn't have the greatest deep ball or whatever but also that offensive line's still for all the good stuff that we saw against atlanta's overseen from when they have to take deep drops for two when they tried to run some of those alabama play action shots. It's not a good offense a by late but they had one where waddell got opened on a d. crosser and the often y couldn't hold out for more thumb it was it was They ran in twenty jones. Yeah and and waddle scored multiple touchdowns on that concept and is just the back to be protection. You didn't get a good luck. And then jessie davis right. Tackle mrs bloch. He's got no chance on. So yeah that that pass protection for that deeper. Stop needs to catch up. So you really want to stay ahead of the sticks and wattle is a great players out of the stakes Stephen let's go big picture here. I know this is insane. I know it's insane with the content game for two weeks in the preseason. We've seen it Does what we've seen over the past three weeks with the dolphins give you any any different visions of of the afc east hierarchy. Yeah i think it does because one we don't know i don't know what new england's going to look like like they added all these new pieces. I don't remember what that offense is gonna look like we can. We can guests and then buffalo seems to be due for a little regression. I don't think the offense is going to be fire of fire-breathing. I'm not going to bring up one. Eighty four minutes and fifty seconds. Into your ringer career you brought to pure.

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