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Of year. Wikipedia page has no personal life section. I'm very very private. Oh why should anyone anything and lance mccullers. I'll tell you everything is see. i thought i was like. Let's fix it. no i'm gonna give you nothing. Can nothing nothing coups. We've got you. I'll get. I'll just get the right amount to keep people listening to tell me how it is you. Are you getting through the ringer of press. Because it's the worst right. Is there a black car waiting for you right now. His is your manny talks about gratitude. A lot up in doing this for a while. I've been in this game right but this is far and away. This is a miracle. It's ted lhasa is. It's a miracle. Feels like a christmas miracle to sweetie sweetcake miracle but it's a hit in time with no hits you come kiss. There's no head what's ahead. i don't even consider. Game of thrones ahead. I consider it like a weird like gigolo community. There's some people that really love it. But i didn't watch it not a lot of people say things like i've not what's game at fries. They know what it is. that's right. that's what everyone seems to say. I've seen lhasa. And i love ted lasso. Here's the new sociopath protest. Did you not like ted lasts. And if you circle yes you're circling in your own blood or the blood of a i don't wanna say say say small dog and that's okay horrible. Horrible can i say for the listener. Yeah i'm a fan of podcast and we all know he struggles with the dog and he blamed you on trauma and shouted things. That's right having met the dog. Isn't that his past the dogs at dick dogs hard work. I love dogs and this dog. I realize fates been spending too much therapy just admit that dogs are shit and they say okay. We're done that's it and it'll be the one that i always recommend. Which one should. I listen to brad. State keep grigsby get outta here unbelievable. Thank you. It's important to see that from an outside because i do walk around with a lot of guilt going like i'm a bad person bad. That dog was he can be lovely but like you saw how. He is five six times a day fit. Don't me so good looking pa- needs to develop a personality. Looks ninety side that's right. Let's work on that person. yeah. I'd rather the personality of a really fat dog with one missing foot. Oh really loves and he knows how to liquid kind of a dry lick he's gonna hug you land with s. He's watching videos of cats to learn how to snuggle. He's he's side was up to you guys. Shall we give of francis. Try people keep talking about it right here. Like a breath taker. You take the breath. I don't laugh. I just go like look at it. Go matt you thing then. You're harnessing i go look at golden bridge thing that is quoted as saying your skill is a british thing you know. What a bit is that. I've always wanted to try. 'em western I guess we'll just say western people. But i mean america north american people are so wowed by british people and i'm like in britain. This is just a basic pitch right like somebody's like daft and really you. Don't give a shit about this guy thinks some of your basic bitches. Yeah come here to be like. Are you having a go. And we're like. I want wanna suck this guy's dom he calls it a i don't know let me tell you seek his now. Bend our name the show meaning that that is as bad as no disrespect. Delon sunset beach. Okay right yeah. bad show. The balance from british came to hollywood. That was the bell and and went playing footsie. I can't believe you got that joke. I'm sorry interrupt ben ballet and the funniest thing ever happened to me. I'm.

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