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Paul and investor finally you cannot pay with cryptocurrency and slovenia's biggest shopping center yes this is a of an experiment slovenia's toronto marketed self blockchain central and government policy that wants to be the european hub for anything to do with blockchain technology which is what underpins cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and theory so be btc city is the name of the shopping center which is just senate serendipity isn't it because btc's also the abbreviation bitcoin and then are developing an app l e pay which will allow you to pay with with with cryptos in any of the shops in in btc city on the water park that sarah's well the thing is talked to the founders of cash sheila which was another slovenian startup that was trying to make bitcoin something that people could just pay a regular transactions with the issue is at the moment these cryptos the so volatile nobody's going to use them to actually pay things that because of course if you that something that you pay thousand dollars full this week is going to be with you know eight thousand dollars by the end of the year not exactly going out and by bag of crisps but but it is sort of proof of concept i think this this is where they see it going when all the fuss around cryptos dies down and they do become a viable alternative payment system than the slovenian startups want to be in that first with the means of enabling that guy thank you very much indeed.

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