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Episode of your women's basketball, podcast, ESPN w women's basketball podcast around the rim. Just a little bit of a tweak. We're gonna start taping our shows on Tuesday post big Monday because we want to be able to highlight the women's games they're happening on Monday. So we will be recording on Tuesday, which means you probably to podcast Wednesday morning as we look ahead to Thursdays and Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays. But anyway, it's a crazy time right now. I think I say that so often when we're coming on air. I am your host China Robinson joined by my fantastic in fabulous producer Rica, foster Bradsby and to Rica. I don't even know where to start because every time I turn around the the polls in the rankings and women's basketball are taking shift. We had a very big game on Thursday between Louisville Notre Dame one to match up and Notre Dame finds themselves. Not only the winner of that game, which is huge within the ACC is from a conference standpoint. But number one of the polls distal a quick recap of that game. It was great mean called by our final four crew of Rebecca Lobo. Adam mean care Lawson and Holly Rowe and what stands out to me about that game. Couple things as there is ridiculous. Redick use. But so is our rega- Google ga. You gotta pick one to Rica. Don't put me in this position. Because there's no way you can you know when you started that game from the beginning. I was like oh guy Asia is about to go off in this game. I see it happening, and maybe I should have picked Louisville. And then that clutch, gene happened. The clutching does happen. It's a real old time for her. I mean, come on. I mean, she's ridiculous. Anyway, she made the big plays down the stretch the big shots at least on a night. That was just not the smoothest Notre Dame offense. We're used to seeing in credit Louisville in for everyone who was on Twitter of saying oh these fouls. Ridiculous. You must not remember the biggies like that's what Louisville does not saying that they file, but they are physical team. Right. Like, that's that's always been a staple. Jeff walls teams like they are going to mix it up defensively they have. You know, one of the best defensive pedigrees in my opinion of some of the top teams in the country under death walls. And so it didn't surprise me that it was ugly. I think that's what Louisville wanted. I just felt like in the waning moments. There was no answer for re KOMO shots. I thought that there were a couple of tough shots down the stretch by Carter and Dir that didn't help Louisville's offense as they tried to respond. A lot of trouble for a foul. Trouble for the cardinals. Which obviously was a problem. Evans dunham. There were players at four fouls. But at the end of the day Google took over, but there's just so much gleaned for that. It'd be Jackie young had to take over the point guard spot. Marina may be has not been consistently at her best. And we know she started the season with an injury. So that has something to do with it just shepherd wasn't herself. You know, even though she had a big night on the glass, but I'll tell you this. I'll take Louisville Notre Dame anytime I and a matter of fact, I'll take them against any of the other top teams. I mean, they're just fun to watch the well coached teams fun to watch. I thought the night was was fantastic. I would agree. And then if you thought that it ended on Thursday night it continued because this weekend was seriously upset city. Everybody could get it this weekend. That was going to be one of my other points in the introduction. Especially in the SEC. Tennessee has now lost three games in a row for the first time in thirty three years. Okay. This weekend. They took it L to Georgia. And then omiss one at Kentucky number sixteen. I called that game. Coachie? Oh, we've had this show before got a huge win her first year the SEC ole miss had been getting like trampled in their first few games the league. And then they beat Kentucky Kentucky..

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