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With fun puzzle levels and kid characters. They've got a new rock and roll theme going on. Now I like winning the little guitars while implying the attention to detail is charming I enjoy the little signs at tell me where my fiends are when they're not playing a particular level like they're out for a walk. Yes. On the level that. I'm playing I can join a team of other players to play against other teams and earn more rewards. I'm at the level now where there a bees and will usually I wouldn't want to be hitting hives and getting the beast to fly out here. It's in fun just like everything else do not try this in real life though I am playing so much that I'm on level nine, twenty six right now on my goodness. I've done several special side missions to this impressive engage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters. Trust me with over one hundred million downloads. This five star rated mobile puzzle game is a must play download best fiends free on the apple APP store or Google play. That's friends without the our best scenes. Anyway, let's move on to the second episode. We watched eight no magic mountain high enough reminding me of my days riding roller coasters at magic mountain a sort of I. Guess it's six flags. Now I'm not sure it was a six flags when I was going to school but it was in a place where you can get to Disneyland and a couple of hours. It wasn't your top tier. Amusement. Park. Right selection so. I have to say I mean it was an interesting episode I. There's much enjoyed about it but I, just call immediate bs that the seniors would raise money for a trip and the amount of money they raised would determine where they go This is how would be you can pay X. amount of dollars to go wherever the rich kids WANNA go. If you don't have that money. You can throw fundraisers to pay for it if you don't make enough a well, go with your loser friends to Magic Mountain if you want. In. No Way with the Oh niners choice of senior trip be determined by how much they make it the carnival right? Because they can just pay for it..

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