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Live from npr news in washington i'm korva coleman president trump's new as lawyer rudy giuliani says he won't rule out president trump's refusing to speak to the special counsel robert muller or ignoring a subpoena npr's scott neuman reports in a whirlwind of media appearances this weekend that included abc nbc cnn and an interview with the washington post giuliani sought to clarify earlier remarks concerning payments to adult entertainer stormy daniels and the investigation into russian interference in the two thousand sixteen campaign he suggested that muller hoped to ensnare the president in a perjury trap and the trump might ignore subpoenas to testify or exercises right not to self incriminate here's giuliani on abc's this week they don't have a case on obstruction which is why they're asked me all these cockamamie questions about what do you feel what do you think i'm gonna walk them into a prosecution for perjury like martha stewart did on nbc guiliani said the president was unaware of payments to stormy daniels until his legal team showed him the paperwork scott neuman npr news washington president trump will decide by saturday whether to continue waving sanctions on iran as the twenty fifteen iran nuclear agreement lays out trump has indicated he wants to scrap the agreement supporters of the deal are urging him to keep it now the new yorker magazine and the observer and guardian newspapers report there's been an effort to undermine supporters of the iran nuclear deal npr's peter kenyon has more they're both reporting that an israeli private intelligence firm known as black cube was engaged in an effort to discredit some of these supporters of the nuclear agreements some of its proponents of the observers account links aides to donald trump to that effort former british foreign secretary jack straw told the guardian that these allegations are extraordinary and appalling and smack of desperation on the part of the deal's opponents it didn't succeed obviously this campaign and we should say npr hasn't independently confirmed the allegations npr's peter kenyon west virginia holds its.

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