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Show this very now what we don't know because the mit people only use this one strain used a different strain in humans i'm clear why but there's a company called bio guy b i g a swedish company you can go and they sell this specific strain lactobacillus roy terai roy varieties r e u t e r i by the way are you listeners can find all this week belly blog in my undocked blog i have it like five different blog posts i figured this out piecemeal i didn't when they figured the whole thing i can i made yogurt first half in happened cream in made it's huge thick bliss yogurt and i added product fibers and you get this cream cheese like delicious yogurt by the way the over you make this way if used airy but some to some lesser degree with cohen doug also the yogesh far richard than the watery junkie by the grocery stores for better so even what is i've never made my own yoga before some little naive you just mix it in lead in a container in your fridge or huzzah work yeah well let me just it's easier do dairy than it is not dairy so daring i so typically and by the way on surely the yogurt aficionados will find flaws what i do so i'm not pretend this is one species i take a court of organic half and half i throw in a table stored of typically enya lynn or glucose or dextrose or potato starch because the bacteria need debt it besides the lactose and i started with one billion cf use of that strain i bought it from the bio guy people it comes hard tablet oddly with a hundred million see user organisms pretended swag crushed tablets with the morvern pestle news hard glass or something and you you i may low slurry of it so you mix the bacteria the product fiber a little bit of cream or aetna and then read the rest of cream and then you keep it at about one hundred ten degrees fahrenheit some people use a instant pot some people use a rice cooker some of us the suv lead.

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