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A cancer patient who thought he had run out of options getting his life back after groundbreaking treatment. I'm Dr Jim Thomas, a medical oncologist, and director of clinical research, with a freighter in the Medical College, Wisconsin cancer network. Recently researchers at the Medical College. Wisconsin developed a clinical trial that extended the life of a man with foam. Would not responded to other treatments giving him a freighter hospital this unique form of Carty cell therapy re-engineered immune system to target and kill his cancer cells six weeks later. His cancer was in full, remission. Clinical trials like this help bring tomorrow's treatments to our patients today through the freighter in the Medical College Wisconsin, cancer network. We offer over four hundred cancer clinical trials more than anyone eastern Wisconsin to learn how are clinical trials are making more possible for people worldwide. Visit Fraser dot com slash cancer. Restoring your home or business to its natural beauty. Here's our only business. We are. Wisconsin's most trusted covered clear for over seventy five years Edelman, covet furniture and drapery cleaning. See how many could already dentist the sun situated. One of those deals where you either. Nobody don't. It's not like it's a close call. This fact is one of the most unlikely hit songs really ever. An extremely of skewer banned from Great Britain took an American sounding name. The name of the band, is called Alabama three but they're not from Alabama. One of the more conic songs in America, forever, identified the television program for which is theme song. The story behind the song IOUs, those, you wonder how a song becomes a hit it's often unless you're already a huge group somebody's got to hear it. And gave chase was listening to this song when he was driving. Across the bridge from New York New jersey came on the radio. I was listening to then instead, I gotta have that song, David chase, of course, was the guy who created the sopranos this became the theme song, for the soprano of sopranos woke up this morning is the name of the song..

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