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Stephen a what is your take away from everything going on on social media right now but well first of all let me say let me enlighten draymond green i'm not talking about his me because he is straight up he has every right to say what he said because he's got that comes across as incredibly authentic he says what he means and he means what he says i don't blame him for getting on everybody else for try to interpret anything from him if he me something he'll see it and that's that but in terms of this question at his tweet about still trying to figure out how y'all got love broad you know brought in the you know whatever he said about the celtics how did that come about how did that way of thinking comment about deaths were draymond green was asking let me answer that question it was immediately following carry ervin's five point performance against the atlanta hawks in which the celtics won that game in one nine gave winning streak that's how people jumped to that conclusion now that may be inaccurate none of us knows what's inside of look broads hey but i think it's important to point out that tell of ron likes it lavrov wants attention look brawl wants to control narratives he's just is interested in that as he is in winning championships it appears eight clearly making money the the 'extraordinary businessman as a professional athlete that he has proven himself to be because when you're talking about the broad jade's he's relevant if he's relevant because you're talking about him you're talking about him and social media you're building all of those followers which is something he's incredibly interested it as well.

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