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Couple arose during let me have a look at what are you tired of being captain Jerry everybody seems to be lining up Rick Mears moving inside role run moving up the catch with him is out on only just behind Crawford Mario then we got pregnant Bobby ray hall they move down everybody coming through two very very well right now albeit strung out the front row way down the backstretch right in front of the sun shines on these glistening race cars all the bright vivid colours millions of dollars worth of racing equipment here the first three first four rows are in order now and the fifth row is starting to get into a line as we see them going by us and the rest of the field going by slowly getting themselves in order as they approach turn three Larry Henry they're already gonna feel in control of he goes by the rules a little thanks for the start of the there is nothing in the world like if the field is picking up speed as they head off the fourth turn to call the start you cannot imagine how many hundreds of thousands wish these guys well Godspeed thank you everybody I was going secondly trying to close right now back in position with me I'll answer junior and then Bobby ray hall here they are again cleanly in front Wickmayer then and it looks like we've got Mario Andretti very very well the P. C. eighteen eight months question on the minds of the Chevy engine well that's the way the running of the front Mario looks to be maybe the strongest possible challenger to the moment to that P. C. eighteen Chevy the the P. C. eighteen with the Chevrolet is an incredible combination of course you stick guys like al Unser and immersive that apology and Rick Mears and those cars and you've really got something but as you say Mario Andretti is N. I. Lola chassis with the Chevrolet and it is a formidable competitor to any of the P. C. eighteen so Mario is making a move now passing second quarter everybody is coming well is a crash coming out of turn four the car has gone into the pit area I believe in the apartment separating the track and the pit road it is well out of my view the car went into the pit area and is stopped there right now no idea who it is all right it has come to a halt in the pit area the safety crew immediately surrounding the car itself it slammed into the interior wall of the pitch here once it got down into the pit and we are now looking at and extrication really they're they're using the fire foam all around it this of course brings the situation to a not a halt but at a slow the yellow flag is being displayed along the main straight away and Ron Carroll will be uprisings of the exact situation at the moment as we watch the goal by Marissa Fittipaldi and Rick Mears and Mario Andretti Unser his kid al junior we've got Bobby ray.

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