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It's cool America. America is arguably bigger than any club within Major League Soccer historically and Concacaf today, whatever you want, so you could say, be a great fit. But I don't know if Santiago solari really wanted power Rio that bad. I don't know. It would have really played a lot in global America. This is also in your grandfather's school. You think he would be a day in day out starter? 'cause that's what I'm assuming if they made four offers for a guy and they need goals and he's gonna supposedly provide him. He was gonna be a star to her. Yeah. You don't think so? You don't think Paul Ariel's good enough to be a day in day out starter from America. A national team are U.S. national team starter. This American the way they play, I don't think anybody's an out and out starter. There's a rotation going on there. There are certainly a lot of things that with the defensive side scheme that so a lot of employees. What I will say is you look at FC Dallas FC Dallas new coach and nicos Dennis. Nicos Davis was with Gregg halter in Columbus. He was the number two or he was one of the system coaches just excuse me at the U.S. men's national team. He's not the head coach of FC Dallas. He's in a system that plays exactly a four three three or will play four three three like the U.S. men's national team. He's now with the coach who knows him who will value him and I assume he's going to get a better deal. I assume all this gam was for something because they see him as an integral piece. And there is no, there is no question mark of his playing time, or him playing nasty Dallas. I don't like that. But I think going to clove America wasn't as a sure thing for playing time as people think. Man, but there's no question about where the better environment is, right? I mean, glue about Medicare's roster compared to FC Dallas roster. Day in and day out. Training, he's going to get better competition. Legal mechs is better than major league time. So week in and week out, he's going to be getting better competition. Palladio is not a young buck. He's not a 2020 player. Yeah, he's 26 right now, right? So this may not be his last shot at a World Cup, but it is his best shot at a World Cup. Okay. Let me ask you. Can I ask you a question? Yeah. Because that's a great point. He said, this is his best shot at a World Cup. So if you're national team coach, has proven that he's going to give you opportunities with Major League Soccer level competition. Why take the flyer and go out? I'm not saying that's a correct decision for any player. But if the ultimate goal for a player, if the ultimate dream is the World Cup I mean, this is the second time on this show and Ricardo Pepe was the other example. Well, we're telling guys to take the safe route to the World Cup. Is that how you did it when you went to Pueblo? Was that the safe route? But the safe about it was my only my only child. Okay, we had some big news today that might affect Paul.

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