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Let us from developing worse anxiety and treating it when we have it well and i will tell you you are no really what you're talking about because our listeners need to know you know and you've had a really successfully treat anxiety because you're just you're one of the best in the country i really do as as far as treating children an adolescent anxiety and mood disorders so let's talk about two things first of all there are some kids who live in our environment who seemed to not having zaidi and they float along and they do okay and they have a lot of overstimulation and a lot of triggers just like other children who have overstimulated triggers but respond with anxiety is that just a genetic issue or why is it that some kids are really anxious and some kids aren't and maybe they have similar kind of home settings stimulation so forth great question it's usually a multiple things one is that genetic loading peace and i guess i'd look at an analogy let's pretend you and i were in a room and euroallergic the cats and i'm not you know so were both round cats and cathay under your allergies or sunset as eishin make you set off that you have this response where your eyes water or you get it she or you have a hard time breathing i'm exposed to that exact same situation and i don't respond in that way at all so that's that sensitisation genetically that we health then there's that environmental peace so if you have parents who for whatever reason realize the things that we've talked about and can help their kids to gradually face their anxiety giving them there're a message with both their words and actions that they're capable of of doing that nothing bad is going to happen it's just worries it's just uncomfortable those kids are more likely to not develop.

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