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Offer to buy the Nats. And metro has set a date in May for the grand opening of the Potomac yard station. More in the minutes ahead. It's 5 48. Traffic and whether on the 8s and let's go to bob emler and the WTO traffic Senate. In Maryland, 95 northbound heavy and slow from one 98, the crash before route 32 which left of it is on the right shoulder, all lanes are open, but it does pick up beyond that point. Ball number Washington Parkway just some volume delays here and there. Nothing unusual in Annapolis, 50 westbound coming from the bay bridge at the severn river bridge. There is a crash, and that is blocking the left lane, westbound 50 on the 7. He's found it's good to go out to the bay bridge, though two 70 looks all right in both directions at last report still doing the road work on ridge road 27 and near sweepstakes road. Near Damascus, alternating one direction at a time there. Things are generally good to go, traveling on the Virginia side on 66 on 95 south feel very slow from no agent over the yaku Quan to one 23. And southbound on route 28 near 6 O 6 had word of a crash on the right side. Things are generally in pretty good shape elsewhere though. They have cleared the crash on route 9 at two 87, so things are much better there. Love Maryland, play Maryland Richard scratch off from the Maryland lottery featuring crabs, the flag black eyed susans and cash prizes up to $100,000. Bob NYT OP traffic. Let's get back to 7 news first alert meteorologist Steve rudin, Steve. D, delightful today, huh? It is awesome out there right now, and it's going to continue, Sean, as we move into the evening

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