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Yeah. We're going out of style. Haller full little black. Yeah. It's comforting to I feel like when I'm border when I'm sad. I love to go into like a row like a public. If I'm in Florida. Yes, it now hangs me. Joy, the cinnamon roll is a lot less photogenic. You don't wanna be seen with one of the pancakes pancakes, I feel like, but every time I post a picture of one like this will actually wasn't that q. I got the no they're like freckled and Brown just round surround uneven. There's no symmetry in a center, cinnamon roll. Right. There's no rules, which is where I think the tha it's tasteful though, tasty. Yeah. That's the thing is I'd rather eat that similar roles like hiking boots. Quite right. No, explain that one in your closet. You need them when you need hiking boots for the right occasion. There's nothing better. That's right. Okay. We found like I don't wanna go hiking up a mountain like low tractions knickers like I want a cinema for. Tell me someone's food come here. Oh, God serve dessert so special. What about if we're talking cakes talk Carvel ice cream cakes? I'm gonna throw down right now and say carbel ice cream cake, which are available to purchase in most supermarkets K. You don't go to carbel store for that. There's so much better than a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake Carvalhas, those little chocolate chunks, the flax in the ice cream. I am so hungry. No, okay. I'm just come out and say, it is cream cake is not for me. I don't like the I don't like I don't need to combine two greats..

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