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Not when the tennis ended, obviously the tennis went on Bill midnight and that was with the second night session match all the second scheduled night session match being moved to the second court more on that later spoiler alert there will there will be a rant. But I shouldn't start with the round because it's been a great day of tennis, a great evening of tennis. We had two absolute thrillers. They happened to be spread across two courts. We had fruits against sit to pass on the rod laver arena and on the second court we had arena sabalenka and kaia kanepi and we had some really good matches in the day session as well and we'll be drilling down into all of it with Matt and myself in Melbourne, David and solly hole. I wanted to start by covering pride day a little bit, Matt and I have had our wristbands on. In fact, courtesy of lovely Cedric, friend of the pod, and listener and giver of gifts, Matt and I have four wristbands, and we've been told that they are much coveted. David, we reach wearing one today one rainbow wristband each and to the people on the media reception said, oh, you managed to score yourself a wristband. Those are in high demand. Matt goes, oh yeah, we've got four actually. Now we know what to find. Yeah. We're just hoarding them and we'll pop them all on eBay at the end of the tournament. So yes, thanks to Cedric, we've got our wristband. We've got our pride fans, which have been dual purpose today quite frankly. Don't worry, I got all of my ranting about how hot it is in before we started recording David's had to listen to an air full of unique complaining about the heat. It's very much not hot here. I can promise you, there's no issue with heat in solid hall Catherine if you'd like to change places at any point. I did have to have a cold shower before recording this podcast for everyone's sake for definitely for the sake of my mood anyway. That's all out of the way. No further complaining about the heat. So we've had our pride fans. We've had our wristbands and the Australian open went very big on pride day today. And in fact, they've gone very big on equality. They've had this sort of they've had this campaign around haven't they with ash Barty featuring very prominently in it. You know, just not explicit explicitly referencing gay rights or pride, but you know, the messaging being about equality, but it still remains the case that they have somebody the second stadium at this tournament is named after a very strong and vocal advocate against equality and that is extremely problematic. I wanted to read out an email we've received from a listener whose name I'm going to pronounce as Jorge boyas. And Matt's giving me a thumbs up, so away I go. That's the happiest I've seen in a day Catherine. And it's good because I'm going to have to say his name again because he starts with hello. My name is hall. Hey boy us. He says you probably see me pestering the TTP Twitter timeline this Aussie open. He's relatively new listener. I'll skip the bits where he says lovely, lovely things about the show, but thank you, Jorge, for your kind words. He says, part of the reason why I tweet at you so much is because I have so much to say, but no one to say it to but we're very grateful to receive this communication from users day 8 has just started in Australia. But I'm already disappointed in the tournament's pride day efforts on social media. Specifically, the first two tweets they've posted the second one of which the tennis podcast is retweeted my identity as a gay man who's been at least questioning his sexual orientation since 5 years old gives me his perspective. That makes me view their words differently than a lot of other people. This is what life is all about different perspectives, but unity only works if we actually consider those perspectives. From my view, the video they posted that the tennis podcast is retweeted feels like a slap in the face, half the video is spent telling us to enjoy the tennis. There is no mention of the LGBTQ+ community by name. And I don't understand why they are all thanking us for our support. The LGBT plus community does not support the sport of tennis as a political bloc as far as I know. If I want to get into semantics quote, see you around is just to throw away line. Nobody can look lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer or any other identity on the gender gender expression and general orientation spectrums, but it's not semantics. The point my community has been trying to make for decades is that anyone can be a part of this community and it's an example of how little thought was put into the words given to and all thought of by those players. It speaks to the hollow nature of these pride day efforts and again he makes the point about Margaret court's name still being on the stadium. They're being no openly gay players on the ATP tour and he says everyone walks around saying I have no idea why gay person would be made to feel uncomfortable about their sexuality by the ATP. He says these are only a few issues that need to be of concern by those actually committed to being allies..

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