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Love from the Matthews Brothers Studios. 844 542 42 Trump has been tweeting out some more stuff this evening, and some of it is vanished. We're not sure whether he Took it down himself or whether Twitter took it down. But we're trying to get some screen shots before we we read it off 844 542. 42 He probably should. This said that this one that he says, said butt out there right now. I won't read it till we actually get a screen shot of it. But he probably shouldn't have said it the way he did, but you know again, he's very frustrated, and he's angry. And, uh, We don't know who were who was behind some of this real violence or whether it was his people or whether it was the other side. Shall we say The reporting is that the woman who was killed was shot by the capital police and again that zoo not confirmed or anything. We don't have her name, either. John, You're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead, John. Thank you, Allie. I'm a Navy veteran. And I'm really concerned because I'm wondering what's gonna happen there. They're going to get rid of the national anthem and flag. I mean, what's gonna happen to my still gonna be able to have a flag in my window? People are gonna be able to attack me. I mean these protests Have been mostly peaceful for them. Well, these air, mostly peaceful protest. Most people there were like you said. I believe the same way They tried to blame it on all of the proud boys and everything. I didn't see anybody there in the Hawaiian shirt, so I think it was all Boum, an anthem for trying to infiltrate in and cause problems. Well, we don't know that, but I mean, there's there's certainly speculation and they, uh Zeroed in on the the tattoo on one of the one of the protesters hands and it's a Cameron sickle. Now let me ask you something. How money Deplorables irredeemable Spitter. Clinger's Do you know that have a tattoo? Of the symbol of the soul old Soviet Union on their hand. I'm gonna say zero, right? Okay, So, uh, Taylor, you found the screen shot. What is the screen shot? What is the screen shots say if they deleted tweet. President Trump tweeted this and said these are the things and events that happened when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously and viciously stripped away from great Patriots. Have been badly and fair unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love and in peace. Remember this day forever? Yeah. Yeah, he shouldn't shouldn't have said that. I mean, it just it just plays into why his enemy's hands, you know? 844 542 42. Alan, You're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead, Alan. Yeah. Thanks for taking my call. I'd like to just I'd like to just say you know it didn't. It didn't have to get to this. I mean, this could have been settled in a much different fashion. I mean, we went to the highest court. That's the highest court we had, if they would just taking her case on him just listened. That's all we wanted. We wanted some years to fall upon. You know that the boot the it just feels like the boots or write to her throat lately. Just I mean, the last four years. We've just been even that We've been that wife with the black guy That's just been getting beat. And this it is just awful. It's completely awful. Because most of these people they're out there supporting Not violent people. If you look at the videos, the older people that people with their kids and Children they're there because they love the country. Muslim of veterans, you know, like you said, I think you're absolutely correct. I think I think some of these people are. You know they're trying to mix in with these good Americans out there and trying to make us look bad. Yeah. Uh, again. It was on social media. People have seen it. The chief of people were spreading the word. How do y how to infiltrate And there were. There were reports last night of Ah. Uh, pallets of Rex. Being placed in in the area around Capitol Hill, and you know that that's that was a that was something that they were doing in in the summer. With these riots in the big cities they were they were dumping Shiels. And various other implements that you could use in a in a street riot, and they never. They never really prosecuted anybody. As far as I know for any of that stuff, and I don't know who I don't know how these bricks They said it was near a construction zone. But it was, you know, the construction zone When you're building a building, you put all the Supplies behind a fence for obvious reasons. So won't be stolen. When all the workers leave at night. This was outside. Of the of the chain link fence at the construction site. 844 542 42. That is the toll free number of the Howie Carr show, you know, around the Santas has been taking a lot of grief in in the media. Or run for the so called botched rollout of the vaccination in Florida. And again there was no there is no botched rollout in Florida. I got mine today. I didn't have to wait. And I didn't. I didn't jump in line. I got an email from my doctor down here and he said, Come on by and so I went on my walk down there and I got it. It took me 15 minutes. In the 15 took me one minute about to get it to get the shot. And then they just said, stick around for 15 minutes, and we'll check your blood pressure again to make sure nothing's wrong. The real question is. How did you get the vaccine Because the doctor said it was okay or because Trump said it was okay. Why? So I called the doctor after he sent me the email and I said, you know, back there. I don't know. Should I get the vaccine? Or should I get some? Shall I just And Jess, Um, some fish tank cleaner..

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