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You know what it's about. I have no idea what it's about him for, But I know that that lady in there making a leather steering with you. Oh, registering. Yes, you wass. It was registering very at the age like four. It was registering, big man. I just I just She had a good sense of humor. You know? And here, she wass. I don't still don't even know what that show was about a I'm number grown, man. I don't know what it was about, Like espionage or something. Spies are spies and something eyes were big back in that era, remember? Yeah. Like spies, spies? Well, I think she was the only one. Someone told me out, too. She was the only character and James bond move that ever married James Bond did James Bond, thes women calling themselves cause he's James Double 07 boozing and Mary, of course, is going to marry Diana Rigg. You can't pass up Diana Rigg, and here she is, in this show that's like a It's in a male kind of, I guess we would think dominated. You know, back then, even on TV gets smart and you know, my favorite uncle and all these shows news. Espionage is always by shows. There's a guy's world, but here she is holding her own. Yeah. Did you just do it better than all the guys? I mean, she represented when she did not take away from her. But do you remember a show Our character called honey West E Ideo? I don't know where from, But I do remember that. What is it? I don't know. But it was the wild. Wild West was the name of the show. I think so, Honey west any West and I feel like she was also a spy, but she might have been Like the kind of the star Anyway, honey West. Teeny Siri's Yes. TV series, Okay? Oh, honey. What? American crime dome drama. Okay, Okay, Honey, West will be the same era. Yeah, it looks like there's some black and white and then there's some colored episodes to here. Um, yeah, I don't. I don't know why. I don't remember that. You don't remember that. 1 1965. Okay. She was more of the blonde aside. She was blonde. Yeah. Nice looking gal herself. If I may say the West. I don't know who that is exactly who played the part of honey West, But yeah, then I Then I had that Delhi. Another crush, like I don't know. When Bonnie and Clyde the movie came out, Bonnie and Clyde thing was 67 68 some like that. My parents took us to the drive in movie. You know, you load up the whole family got to the fruit ridge. This was at the fruit rich driving. I'm sorry, kid. Hannah, you're carrying all the weight. You saw that movie, and I remember thinking So I was like seven. Oh, my gosh. That Faye Dunaway and Bonnie and Clyde were in that cap and she'd take the pictures with the sheriff for a the beret. Yeah, the parade whom? I guess I liked women with attitude. Yes, Then he's like, Yeah. They were holding their own on both sides of the law. Because I think Diana Rigg, miss. Her name was Emma Peel, right? I think she was on. I think the good side Yes. You think she was enforcing the law where Bonnie was breaking in. They were wild women. They're the leaders in their field time. Yeah, I liked him. You found that attractive? I did even Mary Tyler Moore. Same thing. And she represented. Yeah. Women and had, you know in jobs and roles that women weren't usually representing back then something there. Oh, my gosh. Good for you is that you're only crush Micky Dolenz. I got like 10 and Olivia Newton John. You know, as they progress in my life, I had a certain age and you get to the next day. Okay, Now it's Olivia Newton. John. Listen, anyone that's my age right now. No. Straight up that you You were either. Ah, Olivia Newton, John or Valerie Burton, Ellie. No, really, please. Those two boy, Okay? Any interesting? Yeah. Love that. But I think I told you when Olivia Newton John would sing. I honestly love you. Yeah, I thought for sure. She was saying that singing that to me. I believe she won't believe you. I believe she wass. That is to love you. Oh, she's speaking to me kitty singing, right? Yes. Oh, and I wasn't even into the soft stuff. You know, That kind.

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