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He's part squads is not really kind of first choice that stage will couple years buys all four games. One of the biggest moments in his career covers in tournaments case Argentina we leave on that note. So yes. I will precursor that Economy Planning Tony Adams period out of retires after your two thousand. So really. Take up the mantle in the run up to the two thousand two woke up. To them best would have been fucking arable woke up to two scores. He's only international goal. Sweden, in group stage finishes WanNa Hear New England player in the team tournament in woke up two thousand two. But again, we talked by terms of wildy Chavez League of missed opportunity. Vows to ten-man Brazil court. Final One missed opportunity is still first choice regular two, thousand and four talks about the instability lasted goal disallowed port school two, thousand, four, one, all he schools again disallowed A. Lot. Law In feel the same. Job. and. I called him in the run-up to the World Cup two, thousand, six he kind of gets injury kind of at the wrong time John Terry emerges. The first choice is funny. Actually this day the Campbell in two, thousand and four, and we have an absolute wealth of center box and literally a line as I said, the dividing line is always four or. Visit Russia definitely because he gets to go to the World Cup thousand six, he's not first choice anymore it comes on as I think fairly difficult Sweden. In a group station show off its keep that route alive after that McLaren drops. It comes back during qualification campaign because a lot people get injured the. Up That's basically it but in terms of as we said a moment in time to maybe not define a career but illustrate. In his career, the means more the younger version of me, watching Sol Campbell scored that goal was ruled against Argentina as very close to the pinnacle of my England. So Phantom, I've to be honest I'm struggling to think of strikers had more important goals disallowed. So. Gamble has and lex gap bias. How back on thousand robbery? Yeah..

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