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In one day you know it was it that's possible you wake up with that doniama you wake up you're going to marry you wally ray hit a black damn i get locked up today i can get killed today i'm michael barbaro that's coming up on the daily from the new york times the daily begins in five minutes but first from kpcc news i'm nick roman with the stories we're covering at seven thirty buses with immigration detainees on board began arriving this morning at the federal lockup in victorville a thousand detainees will be housed there was immigration authorities say they're running out of space at their own facilities kpcc's libby dankner says some critics are raising red flags about moving immigration detainees into prisons immigration advocates including lawyers that i spoke to said hold on these detainees have not been convicted of a crime there awaiting civil proceedings and a federal jail isn't necessarily set up to handle them on that last point the union for prison guards at victorville says doesn't like the idea of adding a thousand people to the prison population john's omkar with the american federation of government employees lok thirty nine sixty nine says there aren't enough staffers at victorville and he says they've said that to the warden and the federal bureau prisons so that was a big surprise that they were going to give us a thousand new people and not give us one new staff member the prison guards union says they're worried that prison clinics don't have enough guards and nurses to handle the detainees medical needs more on the printing air that left about one hundred eighteen thousand names valley county vote of valley county voters off the voter rolls during tuesday statewide primary election the problem was big enough that the la county board of supervisors and the la county.

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