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Goes at is a song called hi hello off johnny mars latest album call the comet i don't wanna keep going back to the smiths but you can kind of hear them right there in that song right johnny stopped by the q studio to take you back to some of his early days back to when he and morrissey i met when the two leaders actually got along and to explain just a music can become this ideal escape joint tell me how brexit and donald trump's election inspired you to create the concept around this album will fully enough if a bit of power docs because the inspired me because i decided to try my best to avoid singing about it nicely an so in doing so those figures on the political scene did a little bit of faith 'cause i knew it was going to be making a new record and then brexit happened then you know trump's election happened and the actual out to go in the studio and with my trying to make a route record almost as announce it out to the made me think oh yeah okay brought music and being a musician is a pretty good escape as it was for me as a fifteen year old and then midway through making the record of hey maybe this record points together can be an escape for how about the idea of someone listen to my new record and just listening to a rock record remembering that rock music there's nothing wrong with it being on escape and rock music can do some things that some that's pretty useful in these book about that paradox there's a bit of a paradox in the process of creating this album to where you kind of shut yourself away at to create the salva but i had read that you were also a project acting news media onscreen so you weren't sort of shut right it was fox and bbn l l jazirah were on screen in front of you to remind you of the stuff you're shutting yourself away yeah well it was actually just a matter of kind of a little bit of sensory stimulation without often on a bit kind of a little bit beyond taking drugs for weeks on don't really think it is very productive but so yeah we we got these big projections the atmosphere a little bit tricky without actually having to resort to taking drugs nice anti anti the boundary little bit annoyed by two o'clock johnny something no no he's just keep watching jazirah on yeah yeah let's hear it other track from this new album this is johnny marr with a different gun.

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