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When but once the believe that in another timeline he could have loved them. All that you don't know how families margie you money. He's gonna kobe. Meru bitch always going to have a star trek reference. I love the starter in honor of james kirk. Finally actually making the space. But you know shout out to the real. Mvp actual astronaut in space before they were on star trek saying exactly yes but never taken him into space to be there. He's ninety. i know you're gonna die. That was kind of like one of those things. That's what i'm saying. Can you imagine getting other than that. I wanted to say. I don't want to bed down with you people mine. They're basil's outta who had the biggest complaint this week George decay or charlie usher george. I don't talk about it yesterday. I was like okay towards decay in charge on that i agree with joyce today mean can you imagine if you do. I need justice for captain soup on no only going out of he died up there. I mean there are. Some people would have been mad at other people like yes. Kirk died in space to pay plant. They should've ashes into space when he does. I think that that would be fitting. I said man. I mean i want actually to. I mean i know shatner's you know. Kirk and everything. He started the whole thing. But i'm like. Why didn't you get patrick. Stewart up there to sit in the chair and go engage actually doesn't like basil's anyway we'll come on the rest of the mill anything for shack over. We all know what charlie was saying. It's like you know more the sweet nepad for all these rich people to buy tickets on the thing. it's like. Hey michael up with a celebrity Made all these star. Trek people were lining up. It's like okay well. After finally being thrust into the into the time stream matt rider becomes imbued power. I bet you do. But he become the wave rider. Look it's the most about is so yes time. Travel will cheap kids. That's why loophole watches all this porn. The master time travel. You're telling secrets using his newfound abilities to travel time determine for himself which of earth's heroes will become monarch in the hopes that he might prevent his own terrible future. All right louis that the greenland has got gardner. That is my one but it was of the time. So it's fine the goddaughter. They'll she'll be little hope either. Slander all said gardner. That's five or a remember those that three pack of puncos you were you send feedback for the other like a week or two though will was like he's like i might have to pick off. They don't hold their value that a greenland leonard. So you know jon stewart. One is like thirty dollars everywhere. I look is it green lamer you. We're still waiting for the quasar figure to hit america. I mean it's canada. It's over in the uk everywhere else. Give you go on ebay. You can't get like the quasar figure for less than like with shipping and everything like forty or fifty bucks really I mean they probably don't wanna pay for shipping. I dunno might even be in australia before here. I'm like what the hell well. They know what their market was. Apparently quasar wasn't american thing. Come on what penzone. America product own. Yeah that happened exactly all right. We get to the superman annual. Actually you this. Our kids Super yes superman. Annual three may again may nineteen ninety-one execution two thousand and one arcades in this installment of mcginnis back for letters by the way. Oh oh that's right. Oh oh that's right. You've got a different creative team. Because this one's written by. Dan jergens kids not pencil. This is written by jergens pencil or dusty able inkers meant for inkers Terry austin john beatty dictator that ida colors glenn whitmore and yes like we'll says lederer john kerr stanza take the color gwynne. Whitmore gotta give that guy sunblock editor. Mike carlin thin forslund all right Yes execution two thousand and one town in this dominant the armageddon in two thousand and one storyline wave brighter Wave writer touches superman while while his fiancee standing legend men. I mean it's all gonna throw here mean lowest standing right there when he does it to. Would you look at this time. They're married for two seconds. Exactly yes he touches. Superman investigates a timeline in which he marries lowest lane but his happiness is short lived when mannheim of inter-gang that euro nineties full-fat kids detonates a nuclear device. That destroys metropolis. Killing his the quickest way. To make superman i know man. They been justice justice Ninety dinner gagging onto joker but are killing his wife along with all his friends. They're distraught over. the loss. Superman is comforted by lana lang. Who mary's him double l. Wwl will let never married that. Didn't work the mermaid was next. Oh by loria up. i mean. Don't even call it out in the issue too. It's like you get you get you know lowest was for love. This one was more like her convenience function our the out this. The show's all auctioned up. A is nobody till the internet at large ten years later. Superman is seen more as an aggressive enforcer of nuclear disarm arm zoo clan four head candidates working. I so so this this is like if he really went nuts in superman for me. All your new. He flew around the world destroying every nuclear weapon that he sees he had even stolen from the rich countries and donate to the third world countries. Like stealing x ray equipment from boston to donate them to vietnam. You shouldn't though really upset. Yeah i.

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