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Reason. He's the head coach. Because this first year quarterback Tom had a few good games. Once Jackson was five. Said I like this guy and John Dorsey. And the Cleveland browns wanted to appease Bacon make their first overall pick in the NFL draft. And what does that amounted to disaster. Missed an eighteen interceptions just nineteen touchdowns complete sixty percent of his passes. Don't get me started with him. He ain't ready yet either. Dan We get to Jarvis Landry. Why is Jarvis Landy? He's such a big deal in all of this ladies and gentlemen not only as Jarvis Landry a damn good receiver. He's a classy do he. Never it gets associated with this kind of the fact that he himself is just a couple of weeks removed from having an issue with something on the field with Freddie Kitchens to me somewhat. INSULATES Odell Beckham Junior. Because you look at the Cleveland browns and you see the absolute mess that they are. Aw that it sort of dissipates. Momentum that would the aid in Odell Beckham Jr Junior's direction. And then we get to the giants and we see what the giants have looked like this shipped tipped. We also hear maximally complaining about those New York. John we also have Max Kellerman on national television saying what the Hell you give up. Odell Beckham to the fourth him with Saquon Barkley. We don't want to hear anything about a product. Did he break any laws. You get in trouble with the police officers or anything like that. No he might have been a bit temperamental remember on the sidelines from Tom. Atop that's what tylenol and Ibuprofen advil and all of that is fourth get over it you wa because this brother is an elite elite talent. And especially when you're looking at a giant organization which by the way never knew championships until Lt Cable Law. Now we're not comparing during the talent as great as Odell Beckham is as a town. WE AIN'T NOBODY TO LT. What we're saying is what were you willing to tolerate? Because he was Lt. We all know Takada onto stuff that lt got into the giants organization and care about it then so this very organization prides itself on being some gold standard. We gotta act or properly and do things the right wait. You didn't capture super bowls that way this. These are all the things that we're talking about. I don't think Odell Beckham looks back in all of this at all. I think this is an indictment right mint against kitchens which is why he will be going. I think it's a big deal for that reason. But for Odell who came into the League as I I three years. Let's say until we got hurt. I was looking at going. That's the most talented wideout who ever live. I know they've got. What about Randy Moss? I thought Odell also probably the best athletes in the world like either him or Lebron James and for him to have a season like the one he just had now. He's away from the giants and he's with a quarterback who's supposed to be better that is an issue for by the way he is perceived. I get that and the larger thing is how do you know that Freddie Kitchens has lost him right or maybe even Baker has just put yourself in Odell position like ying. Get the ball at all this year. They just didn't look your way and your team was losing the poor whispering. Remember to Jimmy Garoppolo. Come get me that kind of thing reports on the niners which is why. It's not a big deal problems. It's human human nature to hate problems but why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things then things make things better. That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from city. Traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays to food safety. SMART LOVES PROBLEMS IBM. Let's put smart work visit ibkr Dot com slash smart to learn more well. It looks like Christmas came early for Steven A.. And he has a gift a special one for all cowboys fans across America do. Would you like the opening night. Yeah I WANNA WANNA say I WANNA save it till the end of the segment. You know. It's just it's guys okay. This everybody excited. I thought it might be a black cat but uh hey that's just me. That'd be very careful of Max. He goes to the animals. I love animals minimal Fox like this. I'm I am nice to animals. I realized everything. Thank you the eagles are one giants win. I can't even talk anyway. The Eagles can clinch the NFC with it against the giants. We know this right. Are they a lock to win the title. They're not a lock it would be the most. NFC East dish thing ever for for the eagles to collapse against the giants and the cowboys to win on the last Game Day of the season and make the playoffs because tiebreakers the giants. I have a couple of things. The Eagles need to worry about number one. They have a guy he had a bad ankle. saquon wouldn't admit it. Because he's a franchise quarterback saquon looks healthy now to seventy six memss current eight hundred yards first quarter on believable. This dude is different. Like McCaffrey is great. There are a lot of greenbacks saquon when he's healthy is in a class by himself and he doesn't even know what he's doing yet like he's going to get better and Daniel Jones. I I it quarterback with three hundred fifty yards. ITV's no interceptions. Daniel Jones won province. He fumbles he doesn't have that. Pocket Awareness Weirdness City holds the ball too. Long it's fumbles for no reason. But that's that's a good problem to have you would think not people don't want to get that fixed but Daniel Jones looked better better against Washington than winced it Daniel Daniel Jones from preseason. You're like whoa bloom. ooh sorry get them. And you're right about the long about a lot of stuff right about Daniel Joel's the giants could easily beat the eagles that could happen. And then it's up to the cowboys Stephen. So I wouldn't wouldn't say you could put it that way. Here's what I'm willing to guarantee you. Tabloids ain't going to playoffs that's over now how that's going to happen. You pick your poison always in either. The Eagles win or eagles lose. The cowboys are aware of it. Both Games started fourteen thousand five stand atop Sunday afternoon. Bottom line is this. You could sit up there and it could be like seven o'clock and the Eagle Somehow someway messed up and lost the New York giants. 'CAUSE Saquon Barkley Goes Zirk and Danny Jones owned Danny dodgers touchdown passes but it's still three minutes left and the redskins cowboys game scores tied and they got. They know that the Eagles lost and their playoff lives still Alana line somehow some way. There's another opportunity that presented so that they lose again. Oh that would be so job. You can't make this keep trying to tell you up when it comes to the cowboys. Just wait be patient questions get. Don't get ahead you on a slow law down and just wait and it's GonNa come and that's how a potentially episode playoff. There's either going to be with the eagles with it or lose it and a couch. That was still lose and the lady worse for that for it to unfold the way you thought. I think that's brilliant and the cowboys. Or what about if the cowboys win. And the Eagles Eagles are winning or losing their game but Daniel Jones fumbles at the end or Carson Wentz. Does something bigger. Yeah I guess so tomato one worse for the cowboys I think them losing after the after the Eagles lose cowboy fans know that. There's still a few minutes. Hey the playoffs. Yeah that'll bad Christmas. You roll roll tablet. That's not the TV and let the kids. He sure. Does I facetime Jamie Foxx. Yesterday we answered answered the facetime like this. This is looked at me just disgusted. Omar hit me. We ripped shots when he sees me my boy mark I can't find his. Ap for the play make urban. The COPS OPS looking for Michael Irvin Lauer asks assistant. I came phone has a lot of nerve from New York. The Cana it's fabulous. I guess you could call him out for that. You can get some nerves worse than someone who grew up in the area for the cabinet if grew up in New York and you root for an out of market team. That man has a steelers Omar as via to go at the cowboys games in a suite. Shelat come on. He'd he'd be happy family over family barbecues and just if face Tom and talk about the cowboys but it took a few hours to get.

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