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Being treated the Denver Broncos. Now, what do you think about that move? Flacco came up the same year is our very own Matt Ryan if I'm not mistaken. But providence and purposes Joe flacco has had a solid career. He was known as the guy that could win you a playoff game on the road. Super Bowl champion. But days were numbered and wow with the emergence of Lamar Jackson. In the last quarter of the season. Made it tough. Anytime you go on an injury. Like if you're like. If you're a veteran quarterback. And you're kind of on that precipice, you're on that like that borderline. Guys like romantic Cleland used to coach for my beloved bills. Tyrod taylor. Unfortunately, if you get hurt and you let the younger guy come in and the younger guy does his thing. It's going to be tough you to get back in there. So could that very same thing happened Atlanta. Do you think the fa- I really do believe that the falcons should make a play right now? For a quarterback. Saying the first three or four rows. But maybe in the late rounds? See if there's somebody can get to kind of understand understudy, Matt Ryan. Although I don't see where Matt Ryan is going to get hurt in anytime soon. Because that's just been his his history. And you don't I should do. I would like to meet he puts them together. And find out the quarterback who has the iron streak that is when you started X amount of games in a row. Or played an X amount of games in a row. I wonder who that would be. That's guy that Matt Ryan will be. Which is why he'll be a first ballot hobble of Famer just based on his consistency alone. It'll have those numbers to boot. And whatever Matt Bryant was Matt Ryan was when he hit forty thousand. Remember that stat came out fastest quarterback to throw for forty thousand yards. Well, he tacked on almost five thousand issues would save to save these up to forty five thousand yards. And no quarterback has reached the forty five thousand yard plateau passing plateau faster than that. Ryan. So then how would you figure? I'd be off base by saying that Matt Ryan will be first ballot hall of Famer when he will have the numbers to support him. Who's got that iron man streak? It is Brett farve. He has he has number was three hundred and twenty one consecutive starts in a row. It started September twenty seventh nineteen Ninety-two ended December fifth two thousand and ten. Wow. Wow. And never got hurt. Well, there was that one game. He had whereas father passed away. And dude streak he came into play back on that Monday night. And he told them he tows them behind up. And I'm sure there had been a tumultuous tumultuous amount of games where he had a little banged up or maybe sufficiently banged up are still played that game. And his dad passed. I think they came back and played on either Monday night or Sunday night out. There is a he just went Plum off. He threw for like he threw for gang. A is a ganger touchdowns. He was just unstoppable that particular night. Brad falvo. But he's a guy who got a pass. I mean. You know, there's some guys in the league to play quarterback can't do any wrong. Like like, the narrative is always positive. No matter what they do. Guys like. Manning paid Manny. Guys, like Brett farve, what just mentioned and even our very own Matt Ryan. Have you ever heard anybody on a national scale say anything just downright nasty or degrading about Matt Ryan, whereas they refer to. Got a pretty good rating across the sports world. Does Matt Ryan which is why it will be a first ballot Famer. I would come back we'll wrap this thing up man gets ready for after hours with Amy Lawrence..

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