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Seven twenty four now K. R. realty take a look at your money this Friday morning we say good morning to our business analyst David Johnson well and on that optimistic note cal boys as stock market looks higher as not market what's a good bit hard just it was perfect timing just what we need a little kiss on the cheek a little something to jump start a marketed just absolutely turned flat over the last couple of days here comes Larry Kudlow the presidential advisers saying the US and China Craig Dr going well they're getting close to an agreement high level talks resume today we've got treasury yields up on that and of the dour open right now I'd be up eighty seven points the nasdaq up thirty for the S. and P. up nine on the economic front today couple of important numbers coming out retail sales are doing just few minutes always plus we have two tenths of a percent but again you can't have much better gauge on the economy the retail sales the later on its industrial production and capacity utilization earnings album from Plano based JC Penney and that stock is up thirteen percent yeah they lost thirty cents but they were supposed to lose fifty four cents to testing some new store models revenues be and lease for right now things are looking up their plight material skate with earnings after the close that's important tech stock they beat on the top of the bottom line so did in video another tech stock meanwhile apple shares could be higher today because we have not one but at least two upgrades that I've seen on stock price JP Morgan and Piper Jaffray bow saying good things about apple cruise down seventeen cents gold down six dollars thirty cents ten year rates and one point eight four percent again or climbing in the balance of eighty six David Johnson use radio today eighty KRLD sounds good David thanks so we've got an accident on seventy five in Plano another one on bush turnpike in Carrollton a full update coming up for you what traffic and weather together on the aids in three minutes this thanksgiving think.

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