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Figure. I've never i've never. I went to fourteen training camp. I've never had a training camp and was there wasn't at least one fight possibly three four normally give between offers a defensive line. Those are the guys that get into most because those are the guy. That's all hitting at least what i mean you run around you know guy so but you bought sometimes got get the best of you. You like push him but is normally the db especially you running back to coach saying okay. We take it nobody to the ground. And there's somebody do something cheap at four under running back to the ground okay. Don't worry about that's started up. You just witnessed in those remarks a coach on the edge. A coach knows what's coming this. And i think it's a coach who has never bought one hundred percent into derek carr his quarterback and he knows he's got to overcome that and go forward and show real progress and this year they got to get better defensively. I mean they got they got some clouds. Offense was jon. Jacob a pro bowl player waller to tidy in good we have in the league. They got speed it the wide receiver position. I like hundred renfro as a slot. Receiver can take the top off of it. They grew okay. Yeah i'm a fan. But i need to see something issue. Okay no tomorrow. One of the greatest fighters of our generation puts his legacy on the line as many pack. Your battles welterweight world champ. Denison grass in the title fight of the summer live on paper view so by now on the fox. Sports app and that fight is also featured on the free to play fox but super six apps so scan the cure code below. Answer six questions about the fight for your chance to win. One thousand dollars best. The lockdown altered lawsuit that long and guys in the latest poll from ten. Nba execs and scouts. The wizards got a vote for the best move. By trading westbrook while the lakers got to vote for the worst off season by acquiring the guard. Despite this the lakers still got the most votes to win. The west still got two votes to win the title behind the nets who got six the bucks and heat also got a single vote to win it. All shannon. How confident are you in the lakers. Winning it all with westbrook. I think i've said this before. Skip i don't believe it's a natural fit but i believe that after having the conversation that a d. lebron rose had they're going to be willing to sacrifice contrary to what people said. I heard a lot of people say carey. And james harden is not a fit is not going to work and they sacrificed eagles. They sacrifice shot attempts and it worked. I believe this is a very similar situation now. Obviously james harden has a better shooter. The better shooter than rust. But i believe they can make this work. I'm very confident. The nets should be favorites because they play together. Although they haven't played a lot together these guys have never played together. At least they've got nine ten fifteen games up under their bill and so with that being said. I'm competent that work. I'm very confident. They're coming out of the west and my very very confident. We got cases on that right Okay okay you say no you know. This is a enthusiastic as before. Dwight howard is back. I like the bitch. I liked the guy that we got. We have shooters and kendrick. Nunn can shoot the ball. Defense like ellington. I'll like a trevor rees dwight howard. I like with the lake of done. Obviously the wait now. You remember your first point. Lebron lebron james is no longer the best player. Anthony davis didn't even get a top ten rating russell. Westbrook is terrible. So there's a little super team now so we ain't got also where we win gobi spectacular. Glad you wrote about attention. Thank you very much skill. you'll go. I didn't say anything was waiting for you to continue to shoot yourself into the foot where where you don't have much of a foot okay. My turn. I was highly amused when i read in this whole that. That one was this eastern conference executive. He voted for washington's having the move of the year in the off season for getting rid of russell westbrook and i applaud that because it was a sweet move by the wizards and the quote was the eastern conference. Executive says they were trapped now. They have flexibility. Do a fact that they don't have this giant anchor hanging around their heads giant aims. Did they make the playoffs hooded. They make puddle executive. What are the likelihood. That the washington wizards make the playoff without russ because they made the playoffs with russia. So what's the likelihood they make the playoffs out. Russ i think they got a good shot with lady and kuzma and casey ep. Okay also mantras. What about the myths. So you like the math right. You like the books tim or what you think about the The heat you like them in fact. This poll loves him. Because of the cholera calories like a runaway best moves. Do you like you like to halt or you don't like him anymore. What about like you don't like them anymore. I think they're factor. Yeah fails going to do anything. Maybe maybe not. What about the sixers like them. A lot one two three four five six. That's seventeenth right. yeah. I can see washing. The eight seed got it. Okay now. so here's the movie of the year says one eastern conference executive to get rid of russ and now you have to figure out how to play with russ and they're all kinds of quotes in this poem about russell westbrook just saying that. I'm sorry but here's one. This is a western conference scout. Saying look i'm trying to give lebron the benefit of the doubt on this but what they could have done. I just don't see the fit working out over the course of a season. I'm a huge westbrook. France says the western conference scout. I just don't like the fit when we first talked about these speculated move added westbrook you condemned and said not only do you not like the fifth but this is a no go to think about what i prefer buddy. He'll show premiered berta hill around. Lebron james not now shooter can also put the ball of the floor but he's a catch and shoot. The shooter is going to get wide open. Looks like he's never ever seen before. Yes i would like that bit better. But i'm not the one they gotta play with. Russ lebron says we can make this work so we could make stand by what i said. Dinner schreuder was a better fit turned. Eighty four million dollar for million dollars. That's a whole nother story. But dennis shooter is a much better perimeter defender than russell westbrook ever thought about what what about. What about the you. Who told me they'd be better. The balls or the wizards pretty close up in chicago. Get that acu okay. So you're trying to discredit. The wizards was to discredit. But i tell you what's obsolete one of the best moves that nobody's really talking about but we talked about we when it didn't go in great detail. The patty meals padded meals is not gonna mr shot. Joe skipped remember. Joe hairs joe joe. Haines couldn't miss we showing dorothy shot up. Shot up shot. Will he did win. The three point shot he been here gives the.

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