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Our sweet corn tortillas usually cert- with fresh cheese called Cueva and a strong dark coffee next to it. We left that place and to around in the capital one last time went to the mall. Purchase some local delicacies and enjoy the afternoon until the time came to my flight to Los Angeles International Airport Board otherwise known as one of the worst airports in the world. I did not know that time. We had a layover in El Salvador. was around six. PM when we left. Managua arriving after the layover at ten PM in Los Angeles International I was excited to see the United States for the second time in my life had come really early when I was around five or six years old I imagine the big buildings clean streets prosperous neighborhoods and an otherwise perfect perfect life the American dream at last I was wearing a blue hoodie which I wore for probably the next year and I enjoy we that day. Here's what I did not know the project we've been working on has been the a shower program for people on the street that are able to come in and clean and I know it's not a conventional ministry for a church typically you you know when you think of working with people that are homeless. Wait a second homeless people in the United States. That's the first thing that shocked me when when I came. That was the voice of Brandon Stoltze. He's GonNa continue telling us what's this project that they're doing at the Hollywood as the church. you think maybe like a soup kitchen. MM sandwiches You know some sort of food items or ORCAS or some sort of You know clothing needs that people people have but what we found was that showers. We're the biggest need an andrew released really the one that started this sender firming director of operations at Hollywood About seven years and one thing when I started here I was from the Midwest and hadn't really experienced a lot of homelessness in suburban environment. We would such not something something we saw so when I moved here it was kind of a rude awakening on Sunday started making connections with a few people around the church and and would sit down on the sidewalk. Talk about what their needs are and they were there needs for food and some of their other needs were fairly easily or them divined accessible services one thing they couldn't find in the Hollywood area showers and at the time fine. We had two shower rooms in our worship center update we. We weren't really using dressing rooms for on performances Sir after baptisms and we weren't really utilizing them for anything so I got the idea that it's really hard to access or snow. Care the resources in the area. Why don't we put these showers to us? And so that's Kinda worth thinks got started with just a couple of people on the sidewalk in the church and showers that we had in our building. A church turned community center. Man That's great as Brandon said in the beginning a lot of churches do the holiday season especially a lot of charity work. And there's nothing wrong with that. They go they prepare meals. They give it to the homeless but it seems that it's only throughout the holiday season season so the charity fades away is not the spirit of sacrifice that Christ tries to give us. This church is doing something different and I applaud them for that. Let's continue with Brandon and how they operate right now and how they have changed to serve the needs of the community in which they are we. We used to run different a different system altogether. It was kind of like a drop in center. You know you can come. Put Your name on the list in your name would be called. People ended up having to wait around all day with when when you're waiting all day for a shower you can't go out you know Handle personal things or or do anything else really so an end and because there was a an issue with you know just interpersonal conflict And we didn't. We couldn't be there to supervise constantly. So Andrew came up with a text in service. Where people can they can call texts email or go online and sign up for an appointment yes ece with operating under a day shelter model which is what we had initially started out doing? It started out with just a couple of people but very quickly grew through. We never did any advertising all word of mouth people sharing their friends but that that group pretty quickly and we had thirty or forty people showing up every day aid and we would have them in our church lobby they would put their name on a paper lists and then have to wait until their name called. Sometimes that might not be. They'd have to wait in entire day in We call it ended the day. We always knew that wasn't the best best motive operation and then with the interpersonal interpersonal conflicts. That happened with getting forty people in a small space and they may not necessarily care for each other and so we look at how we can do things better and we modeled our what. We knew currently off of working off model like a spa so we have an online booking system. A lot of people have access to on smart phones through the lifeline. Phone program so they can go use their data to connect to our website and be able to book their appointment otherwise we also allow people to walk into our office and schedule or to call or text of number and they will to schedule an appointment and then they can come in at that time and get right into the shower room so they're not wasting their day waiting for for juicy get in essential service an essential service indeed. How would you like to go to church urge to school to work without a shower? Now think about it when you don't have access to shower so the church is doing is really essential when we get back. We learn a little bit more about the population that they're serving and how they're integrating him in church and how people are reacting to all of the services of to the churches providing thank you for listening to Adam Fizeau. We'll be right back. You have an idea you. I want to tell it to the world but you don't know where to start that's where anchor calms. They have the tools for you to edit produce and record your idea right from.

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