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Question. Let me let me put it to dan richardson dan. What do you think about that sure well. I mean there's there's already <hes> a drug court that really tries to you know especially if you're in in volved in the criminal end of of it <hes> you know the the vermont court which has been expanding and isn't there statewide yet but is is building. You know aims towards that kind kind of of collaborative work where <hes> the counselors in the you know the the health professionals are the ones that are leading the treatment and the court it plays a role in that as opposed to you know <hes> issuing sentences based on you know somebody's inability to to overcome addiction. <hes> it's there to provide support in that respect but the problem is is that you know these these are situations where <hes> if somebody has an addiction issue <hes> you know and they are committing a crime. There's a question of are they committing a crime because they have happened addiction or are they someone who have a criminal mentality who you know regardless of the addictive <hes> personality would be committing crimes anyway <hes> and you know the the first category is the classic candidate for drug court where you can lean back off of the <hes> you you know the sort of judicial process. Let the let the clinical health process take its role <hes> but the second category is is is one in which there is.

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