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But I know the house like when I saw the house. Oh, yeah. Walk past that house walking my dog every single day. I've the news are the parents. How were they would the main thing with this guy seems to be although now high school friends of they're saying he was aggressive in high school, but a lot of that he was a marine and when he got back he was not the same anymore, and we all know that different people react differently. Of course, shovel of trauma, news infantry machine. She was in it. Yeah. So I don't know how much you blame the mom how much like I think there's a natural instinct to blame him or the mom or somebody or society. Whatever it is. I don't know who to blame the situation. It's just sad. So so all around. Yeah. But yeah, highs from there and his family lives there. So the night before we woke up to. I mean, I had fifteen this calls, and you panic. I mean, I don't I now I know what my mom would always say like, you know, when you get a phone call in the middle of the night. Just never and I'm like who could be what could be going on. And it was his mom calling us. Are you? Okay. Is everyone. Okay. Telling us about the shooting. And then the next night we wake up again to so many phone calls, and our dogs are going crazy. And then I started freaking out. I'm like is there an earthquake what's going on? And I go to our front door in his whole family. Is there? Wayne Gretzky STAN front his whole family showed up to our apartment, which is not very big. And they're like we had to evacuate the foot. And it was just like, oh, it's just so much. And it's one of those things where you never think it could happen. And then all of a sudden like I'm making coffee. It was three AM. Did how does Wayne Gretzky like is coffee? He owned my God. So if I do you have to make him breakfast. Do I want to smell? They were actually the best. Tied. I were like makers home, by the way, it wasn't just Wayne it was it was Wayne and his. His mom and his two little siblings and his uncle and the tennis coach and all three and and they all we had to back on the road. We got out of there. And so I made them coffee. He likes it with half-and-half accidents put in sweet cream. He literally go with the great one. He goes, this is the best coffee of her in Janet goes, what did you put in it? And I go sweet cream as she goes wool. The Wayne knots y. I said half and half. And I was like y'all don't know if you we have nothing in. I mean, we're never we don't have anything. But they were. So I mean, we were like, okay, we went back to sleep. And then we woke up and his mom got us flowers, and like she stocked our fridge, and I was like really apparently. But I'm like, you guys are the one like I mean, they didn't sleep at all they stayed up all night watching the news tracking it because they couldn't even think. And and then, of course, they're just you know, parents is their houses their houses find there. Okay. They've been there neighborhood we've been. Neighborhood. No. But it was crazy has brother was putting video remember the late. I don't know if you guys all the lake did, you see they were getting helicopters were going in there and getting water long tubes. Tubes. And it was crazy because his brother was documenting on Instagram. All all, but it was crazy. But I it changes so much. But I'm pretty sure. Yeah..

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