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In a traffic accident you may not have a police officer show up more on that from a news partner fox team win here and just went all the way down the of my car kitty smith got her car fixed after wreck that she was worse than this kenny shaky being in iraq has kind of hard deal smith told us you waited about an hour and a half for little rock police show la obstructing traffic and it was nerve wracking police officer steve moore says he's heard of longer wait times that i've heard calls go out to take an accident recalls been holding over four hours before down the wait times police are creating a new around twelve the numbers are still being treated group of people to respond the accident everybody knows our were shorthanded on police officers and that would help us police say they don't know yet whether these paid positions work part time or full time what police say they do now that someone wanted show up in their own personal car police say this person when it so wearing just any thing what wearing a uniform honey are was they've they've had their training get on the job and are doing it they'll be knock it out officer more said the department did the same thing about ten years ago and it's time to bring it back the civilian can still rather too i can determine fall sniffles as long as police train them while she liked the idea of more people and shorter wait times since i think when i talk to police learn that they just started the planning police say they hope that people hired trained and working by the end of the air soared from a news partner fox sixteen.

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