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Player and Democratic Congressman Visiting mar-a-lago so. Doc I guess the question do you frank in addition to assuming that Donald Trump has since found and employed a new eyebrow west. Does this not hurt his argument that he was never a fan of Jeffrey Free Epstein back in the day. You can't study that video and not see someone who is very comfortable with Epstein Joking mucking it up having a great time. This is not someone who is saying. I can't associate myself with this and I think Brian we're looking at the lead commercial for Democrats in the upcoming twenty twenty campaign process play that play it over and over again and try to match it with what the president is saying about how distant he is from Epstein and you'll see it doesn't match up so Mika. This goes back to you if we've agreed that the S._D._N.. Why The feds office and Manhattan is is theoretically subject to pressure from the Home Office in Washington? How worried do you think team trump is on a legal basis with all these things? We've just covered that they are facing. I think no matter what happens team trump should be very worried because there's no question no matter what they're not always out of the Woods Epstein thought he was out of the woods with a cost and then you see many years later people coming back and say actually no oh we didn't cover all the allegations they're still more injustice that needs to be addressed and we can come back with future prosecutors and address these issues there is no circumstance in which team trump when out of office doesn't face some potential attention criminal liability to our favorite returning veterans to Frank Figliuzzi D'Amico Yang our thanks for making time to come on tonight another break for us and coming up civil rights icon Democratic Congressman John Lewis Reflecting on the a destructive and dangerous words spoken by the Commander in chief just these past few days when we come back with all that is coming out of this White House and this president earlier this evening we got the chance to speak with a living icon of the civil rights movement a thirty two year veteran of the U._S.. House of Representatives Democratic Congressman John Lewis of Georgia. We started founded by discussing the language of race that the president has employed just this week congressman. Thank you very much for coming on our broadcast tonight. I WanNa talk about how this week started from this President I have to say I'm just back from the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery so this is all very current very top of mind but for a man like you its current and top of mind when you wake up in the morning when you get dressed its current and on top of mind every moment you are awake. Why are these tropes so damaging so destructive and apparently so irresistible for this president well? Thank you for having me tonight. Ah I don't quite understand it. I thought sometime ago that will come much farther along but discards and stains racism still deeply embedded in American society and as a shame and a disgrace that the president of the United States of America is a reflection. He's preaching the seed insulin deceit of racism and it's not right and it's not fast country. Why is this particular? Go back where you came from trope so destructive so dangerous with many people who grew up the way the idea and others not just from the south but other parts of the country we heard it over and over again. Go back to your school. Go back to your restaurant. Go back to your hotel. Go back to your country. No we all come from some other place a native American and we'll want people we one family and we one house not just American House House but the World House and as Dr More Nick Junior said on many occasion we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters if not we were passed as foos congressman..

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