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No problem no problem. You just listening. Then i got you And then as we got stainless on the boomer ed. Ten minutes poll two hundred ten votes thirty seven percent. Charles still in the lead people want to see him. Fight can nilo nets if can looking beat plant And obviously dylan white one. Our last poll people wanna see andy face him. Stainless talk to me boomer. I didn't know about that And comment with the song is white or cheesy talking about. I gotta agree with the last caller. I think wise probably the bigger fight. Ortiz is tougher. fight. I mean we haven't seen artistes the second water fight right. Yeah i mean. I don't even know i may not even know like check and shit. Let me try. I think you're white. Maybe for like an alexander dude or something like that. I'm not sure. But i'm i'm i'm pulling it up. Who is sort sees. You got actually put out not known as you gotta put the word. Boxer can just do. Luis ortiz boxer. Sebok's his life alexander florez do this sh- i stick with building of white. I mean all of us wanna ceo whitewater boot water got vision right now and all black boy. You'll sam stay focused on it. So i would. I would have to wait for stealing white. I like to see white have more of a american debut. Anyway i know he had one with a look brown. But what have you done for me late. again man. I appreciate cutting off for taking to fight. I'll knock award at all. I think that is that is a better choice than a could have just turned and went back with a better be fight or another year job. So you'll trump so we was like i say let's let's get more to appreciate. Boxing get caught up in the business. 'cause it's just different now because we got so much information at our fingertips seconds. You googled his last fight to get in on a few seconds to give boxing information now as opposed to the eighties even nineties and the first part of the new millennium wing. You kind of have to wait for that information certain. So how fast pacing. No saying a hopeless get dos so we can look forward to go fight. Thanks again for this content rose. Yesterday i was often. I spent half the day on. Tv plus an becca at working saying right back on tbb. You'll be surprised. I get a lot of us day. You have no idea. I know it's not you because you know you enjoy what you're doing. You're senate for me and bring a little bit of the way for me because it's like my mind. Whatever i got gotta get through to get through. This day again is always say. Please make sure you push that thumbs up. Share this in every episode of the box voice. Podcast this tv for life. And if you ain't no patriot shut out all right all right. You ain't never lamb. And i love it man. We go on the k. Box and in dc counterpunch. What up k. Boxing dc counterpunch k. Boxing boxing dc. He stepped away going to hit it on a play by this man who we got we got. We got also in dc looking lie. Ron in d. c. Would up stand on this thing. You look all the poll. Why buber wedding and you pro man. They only let you put four people and you put. I know i know you mentioned earlier. But i think early early should shouldn't he be on the list. He said he didn't mention he didn't meant he literally say he ain't fighting boo boo because what he did at the press conference. So you knock. It only mentioned the people he mentioned. But i can do another one ones. This one's done right now. We only got two hundred and forty three votes fourteen minutes so still some time. Charles dillon with thirty six percent the better be fans woke up. Thirty two percent david ben. Evita's twenty four percent holding strong earl dropped down. Eight percent is on you. Though.

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