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Judge on the far end. Tell me what article 5 of the constitution does. Article 5 is not coming to mind at the moment. Okay. How about article two? Neither is article two. Okay. Do you know what perk posts the is? In my 12 years as an assistant attorney general and my 9 year serving as a judge, I was not faced with that precise question. So the last one is at least a little more obscure. But article to an article 5 are not obscure. Those are the things that as a federal judge, you should know. That is amazing stuff. This person will be confirmed by the Democrats anyway. Imagine if Donald Trump had nominated a judge who did not know what article two of the constitution was. Imagine if that had happened. How do you think that that would have played? When that person had been immediately labeled one of the dumbest people alive, unfit for the bench. But this person is intersectional. She's a woman. And that means that it doesn't matter that she doesn't know what the constitution is again. This is what happens when you have a compliant media. Democrats can basically get away with anything, up to and including. The worst vice president of the United States in probably American history. So it is time for an installment of a new series that we've decided to initiate here at daily wire. It is called deep thoughts with Kamala Harris. And now, deep thoughts with Kamala Harris. Today's episode of deep thoughts with Kamala Harris has her describing how rockets work. What it's like to fly a rocket. Let's experience the glory with Kamala Harris. Bob and Doug returned to the Kennedy Space Center. They suited up, they waved to their families, and they rode an elevator up nearly 20 stories. They strapped in to their seats and waited as the tanks beneath them, filled with tens of thousands of gallons of fuel. And then they launched. Yeah, they did. You know, that's how rockets work, guys. And then they got to buy their families and got in a rocket, and they launched. Yeah, they did. They launched. That lady is only vice president of the United States because the media are fully invested in the idea that a black woman must be vice president of the United States, even if she happens to be the worst political candidate in human history. Okay, meanwhile, the presidential race is heating up on the right side of the aisle. It appears now that Nikki Haley is going to declare it for the presidency. I'm not sure exactly what Nicki strategy is again. I'm I like Nikki Haley. I think she was a great U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under Donald Trump. I thought she did a wonderful job there. It's also one of the best jobs in American politics. You literally go to the UN and you go a dictator, which is an amazing, amazing job. She was widely considered a possible presidential candidate when she left the administration after a couple of years in the Trump administration, but then she had a couple of sort of political botches that really harmed her. After January 6th, she originally condemned January 6th and she sort of walked it back. She had suggested that she was not going to run if Donald Trump was running and now she's suggesting that she will run. And more candidates, the better. And the more the merrier from my perspective, when it comes to this presidential race, I don't think that this should be handed on a silver platter, to Donald Trump. I think that just because Donald Trump wants to run doesn't mean that he's necessarily the best candidate. I think they're a huge number of serious drawbacks to Donald Trump as we'll get to in just a moment as he starts to launch his campaign in earnest. Hey Lee, according to The Wall Street Journal, is going to challenge Trump and apparently he's going to announce that in just a couple of weeks, should long been mentioned as a potential national candidate in part because of her biography as the daughter of Indian immigrants that could provide a compelling narrative for party that has struggled to attract support from non white, kirsty Noem of South Dakota is the only other woman known to be contemplating a 2024 presidential bid. In the early polling data, she's charting in sort of the high single digits, is Nikki Haley. The big problems for Nicky Haley systemically are twofold. One is that she hasn't been on the public scene in quite a while. And the last time that she was on the public scene, she was getting herself in hot water with the base over a lot of the Trump stuff. Two is that she was a foreign policy person when she was in the Trump administration. Americans typically don't care all that much about foreign policy. This is also going to be an issue, for example, for I think Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State under Donald Trump, Americans, when it comes to primaries, they don't tend to favor foreign policy experience over sort of domestic policy experience. But with that said, am I happy to see more people in the race? Sure. I'm not sure why she's announcing so early. I assume that she's trying to grab some of the donations early before some of the other big fish get in, like, presumably, governor Ron DeSantis. Meanwhile,

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