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Like, wouldn't you say the Duda by? Yeah. He's a right. You know, I think with some actors who stick around for decades, and obviously Jeff bridges falls into that category. There's something about them. They have a presence of likability something that we connect with. I don't think you can sake or you can kind of create from the scenario. I think it's one of the many reasons why you said you could actor and while we still love him all these years later. He's got that something and it was a bit of a Gook goofy. Then wonder if a speech, but it was fun, and it was silly. And it was light hearted and had a little bit of truth in it. And it was sweet. But I point to a much better point of the evening in my highlight was Carol Burnett speech, which was spectacular. I got a little over clamped at the end of that. It was just wonderful in a way. It was the Hollywood I grew up with where people just wanted to entertain they grateful for the chance they were happy that they get the chance to do it and that was their mission. And they saw that as something noble. And I think that's the way Carol. Looked at her work. And I don't think people today see that as their mission. I think they see it as their mission to scold us. And I think that's a shame. Yeah. I think you're right. And that is I think that's what we should all see our vocation as as a place to do to do good. Not only do do well at the job, but also make a positive impact. And and as opposed to preach to people or browbeat them into believing. What we believe so whether it's Carol brunette or whether it's the dude ask you this Christian. I've always thought that Jeff bridges played the dude that every once in a I'm moments like that. I think maybe the dude place Jeff bridges. That's pretty deep. I don't know how much into. I know. Essence there, and and maybe his signature character. So there you go. It makes me wanna like fire went up kidding on that. But yeah, you know, I I rarely catch these words because they always seem the same old thing, you know, try jokes political speeches, but I was happy to see that a couple of movies that I liked or shows that I liked did get a little bit of, you know, hat tip the green book, for example is a good film, my favorite movie of the year. And I know my one of my favorite movies, which I, you know. Comic book by the. So maybe these don't actually win awards. I didn't see it get anything and oh darn it. Now, I'm thinking. I forgot the name which is I guess says why it maybe didn't make the list, but the one with the monster in it that the symbiotic. Oh, venom venom. Yes, venom. And I thought maybe venom should have gotten something. Oh, I think you and I have to agree to disagree. Didn't make a lot of people happy. But that is a prototypical, it's not going to win an award kind of movie cross the cross the two sides of being a little bit of artsy, and also, you know, mass entertainment. Yeah. And that's the problem with these awards is the stuff I like, which usually has zombies in space demon they don't ever actually get any awards. And so rather than just be super sad. And even I love dogs, which was up for an award didn't get an award. So there was there was a lot of sadness for me. Well, I think that you ward season in general veers toward more sophisticated more sober. Maybe more stuffy, and I think that sometimes the good popcorn movies. Get pushed aside. I think that's what the struggle that. Black Panther will have in a week or two when the Oscar nominations come out because it's still the end of the day a superhero movie, even the one, and it's thoughtful, and it's really well produced and directed it's still there's still at bias against the horror movies comedies. They don't get as much love as the bio-pics and things like that. The one thing I liked about that movie is that it's credibly clean. And I I mean, not entirely black cast you've got some really great special effects. You've got a a kind of I dunno honoring in a way of of African Americans. I at that that was really cool. Black Panther is a neat film. But what I let, but as you could take a ten year old you could take a six year old and not feel like you were subjecting them to inordinate violence. There's no sexuality in the film, and that's not always true for some superhero films. Think about deadpool, for example, is pretty naughty movie. But even even like, some of the the Batman films are pretty dark, whereas Black Panther is just is just a nice film. Years ago interest my sons to the superman films, Christopher Reeve, and those are much different than what we see today. It's not even just the fact that it's not dark and it's not gritty. It's it's a clean presentation, even like movies like the avengers 0. Where would I loved that's really dark and some of the violence is intense so seven eight nine ten year old might not be appropriate for them. So I agree, you know, and it actually ties back to my thoughts about the Golden Globes. The initial monologue was very clean. It was not mean it was uplifting. But it wasn't remotely clever funny. And you know, that's one of the joys of black anther. Is it it was honoring African American culture. It was action packed. It was thoughtful. It was beautifully produced. It was great to look at check boxes there. And it was a good family movie because there are some there are some of my favorite films out there. I'll admit like bad Santa, for example, which are definitely adult only fair. I like the fact that there are still Hollywood is still managing to produce some good movies that don't have politics that don't have sexuality that don't have hardcore violence, and we need that we need that more probably now than ever. Yeah. And I think that there is some political content of Black Panther. But I thought it was done in a way that wasn't insulting. It wasn't pandering. It wasn't a lecture. It was gonna woven into the story. And I have no problem with that. I don't go to a movie to agree with every comment. That's made it I wanted to thoughtful and good. I think Entertainment's they often screeches to a halt. When there's a message or a lecture or some sort of speech, you can see the mile away and the happens way too much these days, but when it doesn't when it's gonna just part of the story is very organic great after Christian bills are bales. Rather baleful comment about Dick Cheney? I'm not sure I'm gonna go. See vice have you seen it? Yeah. You shouldn't. There's no reason to see it frankly gets it's so partisan. It's so one sided it's so cartoonish that the potential of the subject is loss, and you know, Christian bale is sensational as Cheney in that the makeup is great looks just like he sounds like an his gestures are identical. But it's not. Dick Cheney like you don't get a sense of who the person was. And I think with the movie like bohemian rhapsody, even though it's a great home by any stretch. You really do sense eight that was Freddie Mercury. That was the music he played that was how he treated his bandmates that was his love for is art in his crap. You just got to know him. And I don't think that's what you get with the Cheney movie 'cause it just as a hippies in. I think that wasn't the point. I don't have time for that. In the last minute that we've got you Kristen Todo at Hollywood and TOTO dot com. And also you have a show on on Friday mornings on the station. Do not well, I'm on with Michael Brown on sat on Fridays on KOA and also on KOA with Mike Rosen. Mike Rosen at the movie, so nice heard everywhere as you should be but quickly and last minute, we've got I'm getting ready to rant black klansman and bad times it casino. Royale worth seeing black lesbian is very good. It's spike Lee's best movie in quite some time. So I definitely recommend that based on an incredible. True story. I didn't see the other film heard very mixed reactions some people like a lot some people pre let down by though, it's gotta break a cast, including I believe Jeff bridges, so probably can't go to wrong there. But black been surprisingly good as it gets very political at the very end, just no that's coming. But otherwise at the very strong story, I'll brace myself Christian. Thanks for coming on today. We'll have you on often love your work and have a great night. Thanks so much. All right. That was Christian TOTO fantastic. We get back. How something completely different? We're talking about. Is it time the blame home schoolers? Let's hope not this is Krista Kafer. You're listening to six thirty K Hal. Around continued you travel into.

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