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Vine Expressway, Conshohocken, Ben Franklin Bridge discussed on 24 Hour News


On the Schuylkill expressway westbound still jammed Pasha to underneath thirtieth street station right lane. Accident just about clear the better news is west of this still a backlog approaching impasse Belmont avenue when we last left you the Belmont avenue exit ramp was blocked with an accident it's cleared and so. Is, most of, the traffic however the backlog that, was approaching this point is now making its way up towards the conshohocken exit so. It's extra heavy towards conshohocken again everything's open, on the eastbound Schuylkill expressway turning around slower to oh to pass conshohocken and the curve and then the boulevard down. To the. Vine expressway south on ninety five. South of cop and down, to Gerard avenue Leftover from, the rush hour. However we. Have big delays northbound ninety five GM now approaching Allegheny the north of. Bridge street slow moving instruction vehicles up ahead blocking. The two right lanes northbound ninety five west of the vine expressway heading into center city slow getting off. The Schuylkill expressway to broad approach actually off of ninety five rather and then over to ninety five expressway, that's all, west on the. Vine expressway also, the turnpike although getting better still heavy approaching willow grove out to fort Washington get off the turnpike south on the Blue Ridge slow may county tolls down to ridge pike east and four twenty two it's oaks down to trooper interchange. So again improving. All across the board here back to Delaware County north on the blue route. Some heavy traffic ninety five up to north, of mcdade boulevard then media swarthmore on. Up to route one bridges all actually things look. A, lot better on all the bridges Walt him some heavy going both ways of setting up some. Midday construction Ben Franklin bridge seemed. To, be in fairly good shape at this point combat of berries, all, right so have delays though in. New Jersey north on the forty two freeway so forty one up to route ninety five fifty five jam merging with The forty two freeway mass transit no reported delays, from the TruMark, financial twenty four, hour traffic center where member banking is better banking I'm Sam clover the.

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